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Yeah, I feel the same way about the insides of pumpkins


See more intense pumpkin carvngs at Extreme Pumpkins

Happy Halloween


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River Horse

Picture yourself walking through Africa, and you ran into a lion. What would you do? How scared would you be?
Now picture yourself running into a Hippo, would that scare you? It should. Although Hippo’s only eat plants, you have a better chance of getting attacked by a Hippo than a Lion. Even though Lions eat meat there is a good chance they will not harm you.
Hippo’s are the most feared animal in southern Africa, each year more people are killed by hippos than all other animals put together. A hippo will attack any invader. The hippo will threaten the invader by what looks like yawning, if the invader does not leave they will attack without any hesitation (you are dead) Chances of surviving a hippo’s razor sharp teeth are very slim. Their teeth can grow up to 28 inches long! (geez why would a creature that eats nothing but grass need such intense teeth?)

If you were thinking about swimming with the hippo’s, you might want to rethink that idea.


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The Best Flavor

I love coffee
Put some cinnamon in your coffee, or just try Gevalia Kaffe’s cinnamon flavored coffee.
In my personal opinion this is the best home brewed coffee I have tasted so far. It really depends on what you like but I strongly suggest you try this if you enjoy flavored coffee, even if you do not maybe this will change your mind. It might sound gross but trust me, give it a try.

In one afternoon I drank an entire pot (ten cups) of this cinnamon goodness. I have yet to taste a better home brew.

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Lash Job

Sick of your eyelashes? Tired of applying copious amounts of mascara? Don’t feel like putting on fake eye lashes today? Get your new permanent lashes! This surgical procedure costs about $3,000 per eye!

Forget having breast implants, tummy tucked, or a nose job. Now you can have an Eyelash Transplant (what!?) Thats right, I said it you did not mis read it. An Eyelash Transplant
Basically doctors take your hair and sew it to your eyelids (Painful!) But there is a catch, like normal hair these new eyelashes will grow and grow and you will need to trim them on a regular basis.

I’m scared for our future…
Women will start to think it is sexy to grow their eyelashes out and braid them. I hope that does not happen but if it does, I hope it is after my time.

Getting an eyelash transplant will make you beautiful (so they say)
Beauty has changed a lot of the years, being natural is not beautiful anymore. Being a natural beautiful person just means you are lazy and do not care enough about yourself to change everything that you were born with.

Do we honestly have to change everything to become beautiful?


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Mondonation. think. change.

Mondo-what? What is Mondonation?
Mondotion allows you to create shirt with your belief on the back, the money for the shirt goes to the charity of your choice from a growing list of charities. So the strength of Mondonation is a threefold: Giving money to something you believe in while wearing something you believe in while looking great


Each shirt features a customized message about the wearers belief, whether its an everyday desire like “i believe i’ll have another drink” or a lifelong mantra such as “i believe in love” or a grand aspiration like “i believe i can change the world” these are just a few of some Mondonation shirts since it launched in Aprill.

What Is So Cool About Mondonation?
The cool thing about these shirts and pillow cases is that $10 of every purchase goes towards the charity event of your choice. When you visit the Mondonation website and create your shirt and/or pillow case you choose from a list of non-profit charities.

What Does Mondonation Mean?
Mon is french for My. Get it? My Donation

How Much Is A Mondonation Shirt?
About $35 with shipping and handling, I know that is not cheap for shirt but Mondonation are guaranteed to be ethically made. The shirts are available in several different styles and colors for both men and women (kids shirts coming soon)

Check it out I think this has the potential of being the next Lance Armstrong bracelets. Mondonation


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Jesse Saves The Day!

This story is amazing!

A disabled women who lived with her cat and dog (Jesse) unfortunately had her home catch fire, her amazing and thoughtful dog not only brought her her artificial leg but brought her a phone to call 911.

After the two of them got outside Jesse heard the cat inside meowing, he ran into the house to rescue the cat but died in the process. What a hero

Kind of a bitter sweet story. Some pets really do amaze me with the things they do.

Read more about this story here at CNN.

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Eat Mat Hard

Gymnastics tells you no, All day long. It mocks you over and over again telling you, you’re an idiot.
If you like pulling pieces of skin the size of quarters off your hands, bars is for you. The only thing more fun then rips, is when your rips get rips. It’s super sexy.
And floor, are you serious? Who doesn’t want to parade around in a leotard getting wedgies and doing dorky choreography!
If you like running full speed towards a stationary object, then vault is for you.
Beam, wow I’d love to meet the guy who decided it was ok for girls to risk their lives doing insanely difficult flips on a hard surface a few feet high and four inches wide. FOUR INCHES! thats it. You have to be crazy to attempt anything on a balance beam.

If you like falling, then gymnastics is the sport for you!

You get to fall on your face, your butt, your back, your knees, and your pride!
Too bad I didn’t like falling, I LOVED it!
(some quotes from the movie stick it)


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