Updates Have Started!

I am terribly sorry my boyfriend is very impatient. I am very happy to announce I will finally start to update this blog regularly.

I was thinking about what a hassle it is to drive today, all that stress and road rage. I am tired of driving, I spend more then 456 hours a year in the car. I try not to think of all the things I could be getting done during those hours. I have been trying to think of ways to not spend so much time in the car but it is impossible, and I normally like to think that nothing is impossible. But its true, I need to spend that time in the car.

I have however thought of a fairytale-ish/expensive/unrealistic way to solve my problem.


Hire a full time Limo driver to be on call at all times whenever I need him. I could be getting work done in the car on the way instead of wishing I had the time to get things done.


I could get use to this, but I am not going to lie I’d probably miss driving so I wouldn’t use the limo ALL the time. Just a lot of the time.

Having this limo service would also solve a few fears I have.

Gas Stations – I can’t explain it, I can’t stand gas stations by myself. I would almost rather run out of gas then stop at a gas station alone.

Fake Cops – For obvious reasons.

Car Trouble – If the car breaks down, I’m helpless

The only downside to this idea is the expense. Which is the ultimate downside to most ideas.


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  1. Greg

    oooo…I like!

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