Pink Coffee

The other day I decided to get a cup of my favorite drink from Caribou, The white chocolate mocha. The cashier agreed that it was the best drink they serve but then she convinced me that adding two pumps of raspberry would be a good idea. She said this would make me feel like I had died and gone to heaven.

I died alright, but I didn’t go to heaven. I died a little on the inside after  tasting what was the most digusting coffee I had ever tried, I can barely call it coffee because the two pumps of raspberry made it pink.

Yeah, coffee is not suppose to be pink.


I have been thinking after that terrible cup of pink coffee about how “addicted” some people are. 8 out of every ten adults drink about 3 cups of coffee everyday.

You Know You’re Addicted When…

You have one of those days (everyday) where you wake up and nothing will get done and no one will be greeted (pleasantly) unless you have your coffee fix. You feel like if you don’t have your regular cups of a coffee you are just going to pass out or die!

Caffeine Can Kill You… (thats a bit morbid)

Only if you have one cup of coffee for every pound you weigh within 5 hours, then there is a 50% chance of dying.  That means that the average 150 pound dude has to drink 150 cups of coffee within 5 hours in order to be at risk. In my opinion, too much of anything can kill you. Besides you’d have to be crazy to drink that much.

Quitting Is Not Easy…

Caffeine withdrawals are very similar to other drug withdrawal. People trying to quit may experience during the first few weeks  excruciating headaches, drowsiness, vomiting, and nausea (Pleasant!) every day without coffee will seem like a bad day.

If You Don’t Want To Quit…

If you are thinking about quitting but you aren’t sure, then don’t. There is no real need to quit. Most of America drinks it, about 90% so it can’t be that bad.



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5 responses to “Pink Coffee

  1. Greg

    crazy, im glad im not addicted!!!

  2. Tammy

    Gotta love coffee. I guess I am in with in crowd of the 90% of Americans. Your story got me to thinking. I wonder…was the pink coffee in honor of breast cancer awareness month? I agree coffee should not be pink. Now, pink coffee cups…theres an idea! Could even be cute 😉 Love your site!

  3. that was one of the best things i have read in a while. i think that i am going to stalk you. jk. whatever. that sounded creepy. anyway, i like your last line. i don’t think i will quit, i like to be in the majority.


  4. It’s 5 in the morning, I saw the word coffee, you do the math…anyway, pink coffee sounds horrible, I think I’ll stick with my french roast. It works best for a less acid stomach. Like your site btw, I plan on returning.

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