Eat Mat Hard

Gymnastics tells you no, All day long. It mocks you over and over again telling you, you’re an idiot.
If you like pulling pieces of skin the size of quarters off your hands, bars is for you. The only thing more fun then rips, is when your rips get rips. It’s super sexy.
And floor, are you serious? Who doesn’t want to parade around in a leotard getting wedgies and doing dorky choreography!
If you like running full speed towards a stationary object, then vault is for you.
Beam, wow I’d love to meet the guy who decided it was ok for girls to risk their lives doing insanely difficult flips on a hard surface a few feet high and four inches wide. FOUR INCHES! thats it. You have to be crazy to attempt anything on a balance beam.

If you like falling, then gymnastics is the sport for you!

You get to fall on your face, your butt, your back, your knees, and your pride!
Too bad I didn’t like falling, I LOVED it!
(some quotes from the movie stick it)



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4 responses to “Eat Mat Hard

  1. You should see me on the balance beam, its wicked scary!

  2. you need to get your RSS back.

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  4. Madi

    wow those clips remind me of my gymn team we fall like that constantly! Oh and i dont think any other sports have bloopers that painful to watch!

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