Mondonation. think. change.

Mondo-what? What is Mondonation?
Mondotion allows you to create shirt with your belief on the back, the money for the shirt goes to the charity of your choice from a growing list of charities. So the strength of Mondonation is a threefold: Giving money to something you believe in while wearing something you believe in while looking great


Each shirt features a customized message about the wearers belief, whether its an everyday desire like “i believe i’ll have another drink” or a lifelong mantra such as “i believe in love” or a grand aspiration like “i believe i can change the world” these are just a few of some Mondonation shirts since it launched in Aprill.

What Is So Cool About Mondonation?
The cool thing about these shirts and pillow cases is that $10 of every purchase goes towards the charity event of your choice. When you visit the Mondonation website and create your shirt and/or pillow case you choose from a list of non-profit charities.

What Does Mondonation Mean?
Mon is french for My. Get it? My Donation

How Much Is A Mondonation Shirt?
About $35 with shipping and handling, I know that is not cheap for shirt but Mondonation are guaranteed to be ethically made. The shirts are available in several different styles and colors for both men and women (kids shirts coming soon)

Check it out I think this has the potential of being the next Lance Armstrong bracelets. Mondonation



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5 responses to “Mondonation. think. change.

  1. thank you for writing about my experiment. i has been a labour of love and it is starting to catch on.


  2. thats really cool…im gonna check it out!

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  4. Eric Collins

    Mondonation means: “its from the univeral language of esperanto… mondo means world, we combined it with nation… and there is a third little word in there, donation.”

    This information is from a video on the Mondonation website… in the video sections titled “What does Mondonation mean?”

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