Lash Job

Sick of your eyelashes? Tired of applying copious amounts of mascara? Don’t feel like putting on fake eye lashes today? Get your new permanent lashes! This surgical procedure costs about $3,000 per eye!

Forget having breast implants, tummy tucked, or a nose job. Now you can have an Eyelash Transplant (what!?) Thats right, I said it you did not mis read it. An Eyelash Transplant
Basically doctors take your hair and sew it to your eyelids (Painful!) But there is a catch, like normal hair these new eyelashes will grow and grow and you will need to trim them on a regular basis.

I’m scared for our future…
Women will start to think it is sexy to grow their eyelashes out and braid them. I hope that does not happen but if it does, I hope it is after my time.

Getting an eyelash transplant will make you beautiful (so they say)
Beauty has changed a lot of the years, being natural is not beautiful anymore. Being a natural beautiful person just means you are lazy and do not care enough about yourself to change everything that you were born with.

Do we honestly have to change everything to become beautiful?



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2 responses to “Lash Job

  1. Greg

    I like that video

  2. Hi, I really like your points!
    Extending lashes like this is exactly what our poor world is missing 🙂
    And I think I have an answer to your last question: just visit me!

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