River Horse

Picture yourself walking through Africa, and you ran into a lion. What would you do? How scared would you be?
Now picture yourself running into a Hippo, would that scare you? It should. Although Hippo’s only eat plants, you have a better chance of getting attacked by a Hippo than a Lion. Even though Lions eat meat there is a good chance they will not harm you.
Hippo’s are the most feared animal in southern Africa, each year more people are killed by hippos than all other animals put together. A hippo will attack any invader. The hippo will threaten the invader by what looks like yawning, if the invader does not leave they will attack without any hesitation (you are dead) Chances of surviving a hippo’s razor sharp teeth are very slim. Their teeth can grow up to 28 inches long! (geez why would a creature that eats nothing but grass need such intense teeth?)

If you were thinking about swimming with the hippo’s, you might want to rethink that idea.



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2 responses to “River Horse

  1. Arvin

    but u didn’t write that hippos live in areas that have humans near by like on the Nile River, and that lions live in areas that arent populated by humans

  2. freakin hippos. so uhh yeah. it looks the same. i’ll have to get on mine. er sorry. haha. 😉 oh that cinnamon coffee is amazing.

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