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I Finally Got My Time Machine To Work And Hung Out With Myself

I have been thinking about what it would be like to be my friend, to know me, or be related to me. I am so awesome sometimes I wish I could be friends with me, I am jealous of you because you can actually be friends with me.

If I had the chance to sit down and talk with myself I would ask myself questions that I know I’d lie about, so I can see what my face looks like when I lie. Some people are very obvious when they lie that they are lying. I do not try and make a habit out of lying but I want to know what my expressions are when I do. I would like to see other expressions on myself as well, what I look like when I’m annoyed or uncomfortable.

I would also like to see if myself talk, to see if I have any weird habits for example, talking with my mouth slanted, blinking too much, or biting my lips. These are all habits that a lot of people have, and that I notice about others. These are the kind of habits you cannot tell if you have them yourself, they are too subtle.

Seriously, I would love to hang out with myself. I would say “Hey Annette lets grab a cup of coffee” It would be grand, I’m sure that it’d be fun.


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Tom Delonge And Mark Hoppus Divorce!

If Mark and Tom from Blink-182 were married, Travis would be their child. When Blink-182 broke up Tom started the band Boxcar Racer with Travis. That didn’t last long, Mark Hoppus wanted custody of Travis, eventually Mark won and now is in the band +44 with Travis.

Ok so that story is a little far fetched. A lot of people are wondering if Mark and Tom are fighting, or had a fight and that is why Blink-182 ended.

Those Are All Lies!
Mark and Tom did not get in a fight, so why did they decide to break up the band? Well it is a little complicated. While on tour Tom was tired and burned out, he wanted to go home and be with his family so they canceled the tour. Tom then got to spend six months at home with his family in San Diego. They intended on recording again but Tom did not want to leave his family so he refused to record outside of his home in San Diego. This complicated things led to heated conversation but they eventually worked things out. Tom was the first say he was not a member of Blink-182. After a decade of being a band it came to a crashing halt. Tom changed his phone number so that Mark and Travis would stop calling him trying to convince him to change his mind.

So They Did Fight
In an interview with Mark he never said he disliked or was angry at Tom for leaving the band, he never even said they fought. The only thing he did say about it was they had “heated conversation” But that heated conversation did not take place until after Tom decided to leave, of course Mark would be upset about that. Their fight was not the reason Tom left, they bought because Tom left. That is a totally different situation.
I took this picture of Mark in his most recent band +44

Blink Will Never Get Back Together
Some fans still believe Blink-182 will get back together, I am here to tell you that they won’t. They made great music for more than a decade what more could you want? There is only so many cds a band can come out with before they turn into U2 who has been making music since the late 70’s early 80’s (seriously, are they guys EVER going to quit?) Blink had a lot of great decade I am glad they stopped while they were still going strong, all bands have to stop eventually right? If they don’t they become over done.


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Starbucks Is Overrated

I am going to make a very bold and brave statement.

starbucks-coffee.JPG  VS. 06101216121_caribou-coffee-hd.jpg

I think Caribou Coffee is better than Starbucks Coffee.

Don’t get me wrong I love Starbucks but Caribou has won over my affection for a few reasons.

Reason 1 : When you order a mocha or white mocha from Caribou they give you a chocolate covered espresso bean to go with it. It’s very tasty (not to mention their white mocha’s are probably the best taste on this entire planet)

Reason 2: Caribou knows that ordering a tall coffee is ridiculous. Starbucks seems to think that tall means small. At Caribou a small coffee is actually a small coffee. You don’t have to deal with tall, grande, and venti. It is just, small, medium, and large. Ordering a tall coffee and getting a small is stupid.

Reason 3: I saved the best for last, the main reason I choose Caribou over Starbucks coffee is because Starbucks rips you off. It’s true, If you order a venti coffee (aka large) from starbucks they do not add more flavor or anything, in fact they give you the same amount of pumps and flavor as the tall (aka small) coffee. So what are you getting in your coffee when you order a venti? To fill up the cup Starbucks will add milk or water so it looks as if there is more in the cup then there actually is. In the end a venti from Starbucks will taste watered down and almost flavorless. If I wanted a cup of hot milk I’d do that at home, for free.

Favorite Caribou drink- White Mocha
Favorite Starbucks drink- Pumpkin Spice Latte ( I just don’t order a venti)


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Do You Really Feel Loved When Someone Says LYL?

AIM Should Be Its Own Language
First and foremost I have to say that I personally think all AIM/Text messaging lingo needs to STOP.

I find it hard to have a conversation with someone without thinking they are a complete idiot when they say things like:

wut up dood? do u want 2 go 4 sum coffee?

It gets worse, because not only do people understand this but they respond in the same manner:

nm, u? btw i saw ur bf in da shr <—How is that even a sentence? When did we get rid of vowels? This is news to me.

Once you start typing in this language (which should not be considered english) How do you stop when needed? If you are so used to typing abbreviations for every word possible how are you going to put together a decent sentence? You won’t be able to turn it off!

Learn AIM Lingo
AFK = Away From Keyboard
AIM = AOL Instant Messenger
ASL = Age / Sex / Location ?
ATM = At The Moment
BBL = Be Back Later
BBS = Be Back Soon
BF = Boyfriend
BRB = Be Right back
BTW = By The Way
CUI = Cracking Up Inside
CUL8R / CULR = See You Later
CTN = Can’t Talk Now
DN = Don’t Know
FYI = For Your Information
G2G = Got to Go
GF = Girlfriend
GG = Gotta Go
HW = HomeWork
IDC = I Don’t Care
IDK = I Don’t Know
IMO = In My Opinion
JAS = Just A Second
JIC = Just In Case
JIT = Just In Time
JK = Just Kidding
JMS = Just Making Sure
JW =Just Wondering
KOTC = Kiss On The Cheek
LMAO = Laughing My A$$ Off
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LYL = Love You Lots
LYLAB = Love Ya Like A Brother
LYLAS = Love You Like A Sister
NFC = No F**king Clue
NM / NVM = Nevermind
NM = Not Much
NP = No Problem
NS = No Sh*t
OMG = Oh My Gosh
POS / “9” = Parent Over Shoulder
PPL = People
ROTFLMAO =Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
SHR = Shower
SN = Screen Name
SRY = Sorry
STFU = Shut The F**k Up
STFW = Search The F**king Web
SW = So What?
TMI = To Much Information
TTFNR = Ta-Ta For Now
TTUL8R = Talk to You Later
TTYL = Talk to You Later
TY = Thank You
YT = You There
YTB = You’re The Best
WBU = What About You
WE = Whatever
WRUD = What Are You Doing
WTF = What The F**k

This lingo has gotten so popular Hollister has shirts with some of these abbreviations on them.

If there is something on this list that you would not say during a real life conversation, don’t say them at all. Don’t bother typing something you wouldn’t even say out loud.

Sry i ctn g2g ytb ty 4 ur time.  c u l8r! 

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You Were My Tangerine

Most music videos today are either horribly off when it comes to interpreting the song (for example the song could be about summer love but the video will have a bunch of watermelons floating in space suits on their way to china).

Or the video completely lacks creativity and it is just the members of the band in goofy outfits lip singing while they intensely stare into the camera.

Both types of music videos are over done. I have found myself liking very few, but alas I have found my favorite music video ever because it is completely original I have never seen anything like it. Check it out!

Also check out the formats new EP on itunes, it’s so good.

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When I Grow Up…

Dream Jobs
Everyone has one, when you were little you dreamed about it. Somehow as we get older our dream jobs never really seem to work out the way we imagined it in our head. If you are anything like me you still think about how cool it would be if only you could have that job.

My Dream Job
Is to have Barbara Walters job, to me she is the most amazing women ever. I wish I could be just like her sometimes (only with better hair and clothes). She gets to meet and interview so many different kinds of people, she can ask anyone anything because she is Barbara Walters. I really wish I could interview HER someday.


I love her, my favorite show has been 20/20 since I was only 5 years old (kind of an odd show to watch for a 5 year old). I am not a fan of her other show, The View. But I am a fan of hers and I am very jealous of her job.

Stuff You Probably Don’t Know About Barbara

-She was born in Massachusettes in  1931

-She attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York

-She was the first women anchor in the network nightly news when she signed with ABC in 1976

– She worked on NBC’s Today show for ten years

-She has a sister named Jackie

-She left 20/20 in 2004  (I was sad)

-74 million people watched her interview Monica Lewinsky

-Barbara Walters used to have a lisp which she overcame

– She has been married three times

-She was nominated for 22 emmy awards and won 3

-She is one of the most highly paid news anchors in the world, in 2000 she made 12 million a year

Who wouldn’t want her job?
Well I suppose some of you might not consider what she does the perfect job, but I know I do. She is and will most likely continue to be my favorite TV reporter, anchor, and journalist.

If you are a person who is doing your dream job then congratulations, I think you are awesome.

Keep up the good work.


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Shawn and I finally recieved our Mondonation shirts in the mail! Here are some pictures of them

Front of Shawn’s



Front of mine


I am really excited about these shirts. If you aren’t sure what Mondonation is check out their website here.

You can also read about it on one of my previous posts by clicking here

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