13 Kids

I want to have 13 kids some day and name them after my favorite tv show. Gilmore Girls
My childrens names will be, Laine, Michelle, Paris, Emily, Richard, Suki, Patty, Kirk, Dean, Rory, Lorali, Luke and Jess

If my children turned out anything like the character they were named after they would end up something like this;
Laine– Extremely nice, punky and an awesome drummer
Michelle– Always angry, Pouty and annoying
Paris- Very uptight, couldn’t relax to save her life accomplishes more before 9am than most people do with their entire day
Emily-Controling but deep down sweet and caring, she just wants to take care of the ones she loves
Richard– Very formal and business like
Suki– A drama queen, very clumsy, awesome chef, adorable
Patty– Man obsessed, dramatic, broadway type of a woman
Kirk– no facial expressions, never moves out of his mothers house and works at every business in town
Dean– trust worthy and honest, he would help an old lady cross the street
Rory– very smart, works really hard and loves coffee
Lorali– Loves coffee, will do anything for a new outfit, playful, good sense of humor
Luke– Fixes everything, and helps everyone
Jess– He is a trouble maker, a badass, a rebel, but very smart and loves to read.



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2 responses to “13 Kids

  1. that would be awesome if you had 13 kids!!!!…I love big families!

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