Hi, I Act Like I Know The Difference Between A Mac And A PC

The most recent Mac Ads, two guys (Justin Long and John Hodgman) act as computers, in the end the mac proves to be better than the pc.
John Hodgman plays a PC but he is not a pc, nor is he a mac he is actually a human being. If he was a computer he would be a Mac

In reality, John Hodgman (pc) Does not actually use a pc, yes it’s true he is a mac user. He is not just a short time mac user, he did not recently switch from a pc to a mac

John Hodgman has been a faithful mac user since 1984

I find it funny because he plays the part of a pc so well, he looks like a pc type of a guy.

Justin Long, the “Mac Guy” known for his work in Dodgeball and Herbie Fully Loaded
Justin does not actually care if he is using a mac or a pc, in fact he probably didn’t even know there was a difference before he started doing the Mac Ads.



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3 responses to “Hi, I Act Like I Know The Difference Between A Mac And A PC

  1. Ok first off, John Hodgman is not a human, he is a god whose expertise range from matters historical to hobo matters but not excluding Eels, Lobsters, Haircuts and Utopia. 🙂 (wow I can’t believe I just typed a smiley, it just seemed to fit)

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