Think Different

The other day I arrived at school 20 minutes before my class was suppose to start when I realized I had forgotten to write the last paragraph in a paper that was due that very day.

At this point I was freaking out, my teacher does no accept late papers and I would get a horrible grade if i turned it in without that last paragraph. So I decided to run as fast as I could to the computer lab in school
I got there only to find out that every single PC was taken. I was willing to wait for someone to finish up but there was a line. I had absolutely NO TIME for this. I started stressing out thinking I was going to fail my class just because of a missing paragraph and a crowded computer lab.

Then I saw it…
It was beautiful, I found the one and only computer that was available. Everyone in line saw it too but no one wanted to use it
No one wanted to use it because no one knew how. It was a Mac, at that point I was so relieved that not only did I know how to use one but I use a Mac regularly too.

It Pays Off To Be Different
I am very thankful I use a Mac.


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