We Don’t Need To Whisper

Tom Delonge + David Kennedy + Atom Willard + Ryan Sinn = Angels and Airwaves

Angels and Airwaves in Concert = AMAZING!

Seriously I am not just saying that because I am a HUGE Tom fan. It was so good that it gave me chills, everyone there seemed to have chills as well.
If you’ve never listened to Angels and Airwaves go check out their site by clicking Here You won’t be sorry

Tom does not seem to be the same guy he was when he was in Blink 182. He was very motivational and inspiring, telling the crowd they can be whatever they want to be and do whatever they want to do. He did tell a few dirty jokes so there is a little old Tom there but not nearly as much he used to

During the concert they played all their songs off their new cd “We Don’t Need To Whisper” But Tom also played one from Blink 182 and one song from Boxcar Racer. Which made the crowd go crazy

The Angels and Airwaves cd took a year to record because the band took that year traveling around seeing different places and things that would make them feel a certain way so they could write lyrics by their own personal experience, not by faking it.

My favorite song on their cd would have to be “A Little’s Enough” Which Tom wrote right after his grandma died (sad)

“A Little’s Enough”
When all is said and done
Will we still feel pain inside?
Will the scars go away with night?
Try to smile for the morning light
It’s like the best dream to have
Where every thing is not so bad
Every tear is so alone
Like God himself is coming home to say

I, I can do anything
If you want me here
And I can fix any thing
If you let me near
Where are those secrets now
That you’re too scared to tell
I’d whisper them all aloud
So you can hear yourself

Green trees were the first sign
The deepest blue, the clearest sky
The silence came with the brightest eyes
And turned water into wine
The children ran to see
The parents stood in disbelief
And those who knew braced for the ride
The earth itself then came alive to say

I, I can do anything
If you want me here
And I can fix anything
If you let me near
Where are those secrets now
That you’re too scared to tell
I whisper them all aloud
So you can hear yourself

I’m sorry I have to say it but you look like you’re sad
Your smile is gone; I’ve noticed it bad
The cure is if you let in just a little more love
I promise you this, a little’s enough



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2 responses to “We Don’t Need To Whisper

  1. dorako

    sorry, but were/are you a blink fan?

    the old tom was definitely more motivated and inspired, even if he made a lot of dirty jokes and dont tell the kids about stuff like peace and that kind of thing. and yes, the old tom was motivational and inspiring too, in a different way. when he was in blink, the songs always reached directly out to the kids and related to them, songs like peggy sue.

    which concert were you at? in my opinion, tom now has a broken voice that sounds like he’s crying and trying to change it in concerts. i love tom, but i think he’s destroyed his old voice and personality, and i’m disappointed-he used to be so much better.

  2. Dorako,
    What you are saying is entirely a matter of opinion. Blink 182 was fantastic but they had to grow up sometime. If they kept singing how they were singing and what they were singing about when they got into their late 30’s early 40’s I would lose the respect I have for them. I am glad they have moved on even though I am still a HUGE blink fan and always will be.

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