Oink! I’m A Tiger?

In a zoo in California a mother tiger gave birth to three tigers, unfortunately due to complications none of the baby tigers made it. They died shortly after birth, the mother tiger never recovered from her loss and her health started to decline drastically. Some vets thought that due to her loss she went into depression and she wasn’t going to make it much longer

They decided to try something they have never tried before


The tiger adopted and took care of these piglets as if they were her own. I find it so funny they risked the lives of all these piglets to try and save this tiger. After all she could have just eaten them, but she didn’t.


This story amazes me.



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2 responses to “Oink! I’m A Tiger?

  1. Wow that is incredible!!!…you are right, that story amazes me as well!

  2. That is genius. I love the tiget/piglet outfits, they’re fantastic.

    Good to hear that the mother is doing well (and the babies havent been eaten)

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