When I Grow Up…

Dream Jobs
Everyone has one, when you were little you dreamed about it. Somehow as we get older our dream jobs never really seem to work out the way we imagined it in our head. If you are anything like me you still think about how cool it would be if only you could have that job.

My Dream Job
Is to have Barbara Walters job, to me she is the most amazing women ever. I wish I could be just like her sometimes (only with better hair and clothes). She gets to meet and interview so many different kinds of people, she can ask anyone anything because she is Barbara Walters. I really wish I could interview HER someday.


I love her, my favorite show has been 20/20 since I was only 5 years old (kind of an odd show to watch for a 5 year old). I am not a fan of her other show, The View. But I am a fan of hers and I am very jealous of her job.

Stuff You Probably Don’t Know About Barbara

-She was born in Massachusettes in  1931

-She attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York

-She was the first women anchor in the network nightly news when she signed with ABC in 1976

– She worked on NBC’s Today show for ten years

-She has a sister named Jackie

-She left 20/20 in 2004  (I was sad)

-74 million people watched her interview Monica Lewinsky

-Barbara Walters used to have a lisp which she overcame

– She has been married three times

-She was nominated for 22 emmy awards and won 3

-She is one of the most highly paid news anchors in the world, in 2000 she made 12 million a year

Who wouldn’t want her job?
Well I suppose some of you might not consider what she does the perfect job, but I know I do. She is and will most likely continue to be my favorite TV reporter, anchor, and journalist.

If you are a person who is doing your dream job then congratulations, I think you are awesome.

Keep up the good work.



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