Do You Really Feel Loved When Someone Says LYL?

AIM Should Be Its Own Language
First and foremost I have to say that I personally think all AIM/Text messaging lingo needs to STOP.

I find it hard to have a conversation with someone without thinking they are a complete idiot when they say things like:

wut up dood? do u want 2 go 4 sum coffee?

It gets worse, because not only do people understand this but they respond in the same manner:

nm, u? btw i saw ur bf in da shr <—How is that even a sentence? When did we get rid of vowels? This is news to me.

Once you start typing in this language (which should not be considered english) How do you stop when needed? If you are so used to typing abbreviations for every word possible how are you going to put together a decent sentence? You won’t be able to turn it off!

Learn AIM Lingo
AFK = Away From Keyboard
AIM = AOL Instant Messenger
ASL = Age / Sex / Location ?
ATM = At The Moment
BBL = Be Back Later
BBS = Be Back Soon
BF = Boyfriend
BRB = Be Right back
BTW = By The Way
CUI = Cracking Up Inside
CUL8R / CULR = See You Later
CTN = Can’t Talk Now
DN = Don’t Know
FYI = For Your Information
G2G = Got to Go
GF = Girlfriend
GG = Gotta Go
HW = HomeWork
IDC = I Don’t Care
IDK = I Don’t Know
IMO = In My Opinion
JAS = Just A Second
JIC = Just In Case
JIT = Just In Time
JK = Just Kidding
JMS = Just Making Sure
JW =Just Wondering
KOTC = Kiss On The Cheek
LMAO = Laughing My A$$ Off
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LYL = Love You Lots
LYLAB = Love Ya Like A Brother
LYLAS = Love You Like A Sister
NFC = No F**king Clue
NM / NVM = Nevermind
NM = Not Much
NP = No Problem
NS = No Sh*t
OMG = Oh My Gosh
POS / “9” = Parent Over Shoulder
PPL = People
ROTFLMAO =Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
SHR = Shower
SN = Screen Name
SRY = Sorry
STFU = Shut The F**k Up
STFW = Search The F**king Web
SW = So What?
TMI = To Much Information
TTFNR = Ta-Ta For Now
TTUL8R = Talk to You Later
TTYL = Talk to You Later
TY = Thank You
YT = You There
YTB = You’re The Best
WBU = What About You
WE = Whatever
WRUD = What Are You Doing
WTF = What The F**k

This lingo has gotten so popular Hollister has shirts with some of these abbreviations on them.

If there is something on this list that you would not say during a real life conversation, don’t say them at all. Don’t bother typing something you wouldn’t even say out loud.

Sry i ctn g2g ytb ty 4 ur time.  c u l8r! 


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