Tom Delonge And Mark Hoppus Divorce!

If Mark and Tom from Blink-182 were married, Travis would be their child. When Blink-182 broke up Tom started the band Boxcar Racer with Travis. That didn’t last long, Mark Hoppus wanted custody of Travis, eventually Mark won and now is in the band +44 with Travis.

Ok so that story is a little far fetched. A lot of people are wondering if Mark and Tom are fighting, or had a fight and that is why Blink-182 ended.

Those Are All Lies!
Mark and Tom did not get in a fight, so why did they decide to break up the band? Well it is a little complicated. While on tour Tom was tired and burned out, he wanted to go home and be with his family so they canceled the tour. Tom then got to spend six months at home with his family in San Diego. They intended on recording again but Tom did not want to leave his family so he refused to record outside of his home in San Diego. This complicated things led to heated conversation but they eventually worked things out. Tom was the first say he was not a member of Blink-182. After a decade of being a band it came to a crashing halt. Tom changed his phone number so that Mark and Travis would stop calling him trying to convince him to change his mind.

So They Did Fight
In an interview with Mark he never said he disliked or was angry at Tom for leaving the band, he never even said they fought. The only thing he did say about it was they had “heated conversation” But that heated conversation did not take place until after Tom decided to leave, of course Mark would be upset about that. Their fight was not the reason Tom left, they bought because Tom left. That is a totally different situation.
I took this picture of Mark in his most recent band +44

Blink Will Never Get Back Together
Some fans still believe Blink-182 will get back together, I am here to tell you that they won’t. They made great music for more than a decade what more could you want? There is only so many cds a band can come out with before they turn into U2 who has been making music since the late 70’s early 80’s (seriously, are they guys EVER going to quit?) Blink had a lot of great decade I am glad they stopped while they were still going strong, all bands have to stop eventually right? If they don’t they become over done.



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30 responses to “Tom Delonge And Mark Hoppus Divorce!

  1. tammy

    Whats the matter with U2… I would say the Rolling Stones would be a better band to use for this statement. I mean have you seen Keith Richards lately? Seriously!

  2. stef

    Nicely put.
    i really have absoulutley NO idea if Blink will ever get back together,cause you never really no,but i dont mind if they never do get back together,cause the music those guys are making now is AMAZING!! i love it to DEATH! butthen again..i love Blink 182 to death too,so whatever they do,its the best choice for me =]

  3. tOm,,uNtiL now,,i aLwys tHink about yOu and bLink??
    wHat the probLem??
    hoNestLy,, i reaLLy Like,,LupH,,with aLL songs of bLink-182,it’s so faNtastic aNd aMazing,especially your performance iN video cLip of “Manoverboad”..
    btw how are yOu with angeL and airwaves??

  4. laurie182

    I dont think blink 182 will ever get back together,not because they are ‘overdone’.
    Millions would buy their albums,thats not overdone,But…mark and tom will never be friends again in my opinion,and even if they did reunite,they’d never be the friends they were,thats why blink 182 will r.i.p!

  5. Meegan

    tom u should say sorry to mark n travis!!
    n get bak 2getha before its to late!

    I was like one or your biggest fan and still am and i listin to your songs everyday!!

    angles and airwaves and plus 44 suck conpaired to blink 182!


  6. Meegan


  7. Meegan

    i am your biggest fan!!
    blink 182 should get bak 2getha
    COZ THEY ROCKED!! angles n airwaves and plus 44 r nothin compaired to blink 182! n tom travis and mark r nothin without each otha!
    I LUV U GUYS!! XoXo

  8. all you people who are saying that blink 182 will not get back together…whats up whith all the negativity?? if you realy wanted blink to get back together than you would be positive about it!!!! i love blink 182 and yeah i wish they would get back together!!!but do you realy think that they are going to listen to a bunch of fucking teenagers??? i mean seriously tom has a wife and doughter and mark has a wife and son… and im not realy sure about travis i think he got a divorce…….but i wish that they would relize that all there fans would rather blink anyday than plus44 ans AvA(angels and airwaves). i think i speak for everybody when i say BLINK 182 ROCKS!!!!!!!

  9. oh yeah and tom and mark are f-ing sexy!!!! lol

  10. Luke tarn

    I have no idea hahaha+

  11. Colton

    I grew up with Blink182. I wish they had never quit but maybe they should of taken a long break. I hate what Tom did. R.I.P Blink182.

  12. jayanti

    the day blink broke up it broke my heart…….i want to see them together again ….i love u mark ,tom nd travis u guys r rad..

  13. Troglodyte Killer

    I had A feeling on that something wasn’t gonna be good but I never for a minute thought it was gonna be that painful and I thought later that Tom is Just so Fuckin selfish for doing this , like sure we still have Green day , Bowling For Soup , offspring , but Blink were the masters of this whole Pop Punk / Rock thing they were on top and I felt the most connected while listening to or watching them on video . I think now that the ultimate send off would be if MCA records put out a whole Live DVD of one the concerts of them in their prime that would be so awesome and a great reminder of what we lost .

  14. jc

    all of you r gay they signed up for the 2009 warped our and r going to release andother album (maybe there last but hopefully not)in may called one for the kids

  15. Jess182

    One For The Kids has NOT been confirmed by Mark or Travis. Tom said on an interveiw that it was a possibility. I fail to see how Blink 182 can make an album with only one person in the band. I miss Blink so bad, I listen to them every day, but I really wish, that they will only reunite when they are ready and not give us a pile of shit album before breaking up permanantly.

  16. i love blink182 to death but it seems as it tom has changed so much and it seems almost impossible for them to get back together
    and there was never a clear reason why the band broke up but on a brighter note i read that blink182 signed up for the 2009 warped tour

  17. Blink 182 = best band of all time!!!!

    I grew up listening to Blink 182 and it feels like their music was practically written about my life. The day they broke up was the worst day of my life and this 2009 Warped Tour stuff is bullshit. I hate to say it because I wish it wasn’t but it was just a rumor started on some forum by a crazed fan. I think that they could still get back together and it would be awesome but their music would not be the same. But it WOULD still be Blink 182 and I would do anything for them to come back.

  18. finish blink 182… has been the end.. :[
    but I love plus 44 now.. :]

  19. mark

    i hate you tom delonge.
    i look at the not now and first date videos and he was so cool back then. but i hate him now. hes a prick.
    he makes me sad…

    “Could you come home and stop this pain tonight…..I Miss You. I Miss You”

  20. Blink wil never come back,i sure.
    butt i really think that mark,tom and travis are not aware off how mutch people are addicted to them and what a huge impact they had and still have.

  21. Well. This is my comment.

    I DON’T want blink-182 to get back together, i think both Angels & Airwaves and +44 are amazing bands. all i want, for the sake of Tom and Mark that they both start talking again. You can see in the 7th Avenue Drop video of Tom playing there is that this breakup between tom and mark is killing him.

    He cries in the song.

    All i want is for Tom and Mark to both be happy again, because until they start being friends, they won’t be, even if they don’t admit it.

    It will take time. but it’ll happen eventually. even if its by mistake.

  22. Is it just me or do you guys not realise that Blink were actual people, not robots created to make kick-ass music? You can’t just automatically demand them to get back together, or call them ‘selfish’. We don’t own them, we can’t tell them what to do. They have their own minds and feelings, and they do what they think is right. Might not actually be the right thing, but you still have to respect it.
    And it’s really bratty to demand them to get back together…just saying.


    I have been a one band guy since i was eight, when blink came out. I have put my heart and soul into my music, and wouldn’t have anything left to show for it if it wasn’t for those three guys.

    Now as a musician i can say that they CAN get back together, it will be tough. BUT HELL ITS BLINK-182!

    It would be a new thing to the music world if they could show everyone else that they can still make the best music even after a breakup!

    Tom… sorry pal, you aren’t Lennon, you can’t leave blink and do your own shit. They are you as you are blink. Get together guys.

    “I’m too depressed, to go on
    You’ll be sorry when I’m gone” -BLINK-182, Adams song

  24. And yes i have both AvA Cds but dang, they sound mostly the same, how many cds can you come out with that are the same? Tom only has one kind of voice.

  25. Niki

    Sure I miss Blink but there new stuff was mostly shit anyway (I Miss You was one of the shittiest pieces of crap. Ever.) I hated when Tom started doing most of the singing, I prefer Mark over Tom any day. I do wish they would get back (And make music like they used to, like Flyswatter and Chesire Cat) together but the chances of that are slim to none. Don’t get your hopes up. And stop complaining.

  26. moniq

    I was a really fan of BLINK 182 and I miss them.. it is a pity they are separated but well now their music in different bands are not as good as they used to be

  27. moniq

    Like Adam and Niki said …. I surely beleive something that made BLINK a great band was thet they changed voices, sometimes Tom song and other times Mark did., so that make a nice change in the music and we dont became boring… unfourtunately now in their own bands their voices just make me feel boring and missins even more blink…the magic they used to have..

  28. Sam Johnson

    Rumours of a Blink 182 reunion are running wild across the punk-rock music circles of America. This latest twist in the tale to this break up will only add more fuel to the fire after a string of odd behaviour and cryptic messages from the trio.

    At a recent Atticus clothing show Tom Delonge and his band Angels and Airwaves took to the stage for a short 3 song set, during the course of the set it was noticeable Delonge was acting distant and distracted from his new band mates. In return his band mates gave the lead singer frosty looks during the entire set, and there was no banter with the crowd at all during the show. This set was only supposed to be a 3 song set according to the show promoter, unexplainably after the 3 song set which was in all honesty was quite shabby, due to Delonge being the main focus of the band and his lazy attitude, Delonge unexplainably re took to the stage alone 5 minutes later.

    This time Delonge was in different clothes to the black emo attire he previously wore, this was a different Delonge in a backwards baseball cap, 3 quarter length shorts and white Macbeth top, strikingly similar to the attire he wore during his Blink 182 days. On his return to the stage he no longer had his trademark Tom Delonge Gibson ES-333 in his hand but a plain white Fender, again one strikingly similar to the one he used in his previous Blink days. Nobody was aware of what Delonge was doing, least of all the promoter who was visibly trying to pull Delonge off the stage, however with no luck.
    Delonge proceeded to silence the crowd then played a full rendition of the Blink 182 smash hit ‘Stay Together For The Kids’, a song previously sung in unison with former band member Mark Hoppus. However it was Delonge and Delonge alone with his guitar as stunned onlookers stood in disbelief to what was taking place. Delonge sang all his parts and played all his parts in those 3 minutes with more passion and drive than the whole 25 minute 3 song set he just performed with Angels and Airwaves put together.
    However during the course of the song obviously he was alone without his former band mates, and when it came to the Hoppus verse of the song instead of covering it, he left it mysteriously silent with just his guitar playing. After his heartfelt rendition of the hit song finished he spoke softly into the microphone; ‘****ing stay together for the kids, i’m sorry.’.
    One fan at the show stated; ‘It was like Tom was crying out for help, and for Mark and Travis to forgive him and join him!’.
    Another fan said; ‘I’m a fan of Angels and Airwaves, I didn’t like Blink 182 much, but it looks pretty obvious Angels and Airwaves are over, it sucks how this was obviously just another Delonge side project [like box car racer]’.
    Another onlooker said this; ‘it’s like Tom realised what he had done when he quit blink, it finally got through to him and he wants to go back, why else would he sing a blink song and dress like he did in blink?’.

    If this was a shout out to his former band mates this throws both former Blink 182 members new groups futures, Angels and Airwaves and Plus +44, into complete uncertainty.
    Was this indeed a cry to his former band mates or just a sign of yet another rock star losing their mind and spiralling out of control?

  29. oh my god. What you guys dont understand is that blink will always overcome angels and airwaves and plus 44. Blink 182 has changed my life forever. And it probibly changed over a billion people in this world. When i listen to blink, I dont care what people say about me. I cried when the split, but if you want them to get back, just beleve a little bit dont cha.

    Tom said when he quit blink, he was out to change the world. but what he doesent understand is, HE DID CHANGE THE WORLD for so many people. I mean Mark and Travis did not do anything wrong. Tom just had to let down billions of people to go create AVA. I love Tom but he has to open his eyes and relize that leaving Blink 182 was a bad choice. Were is the tom we all know and love. So please tom, STAY TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS.

  30. Justin

    ok now don’t loose hope Blink-182 fans yes they sont talk but alot of great bands have split up and a few years later after they are done doing their own thing they get back together becuase they grow up (yes they will grow up more) and i bet you that they will talk to again it might not be for 10 years but i bet you that they play a hudge live show or set up a tour again. tom will relize that ava is not and will never be as good as blink-182 and he will never have as many fans again aslong as he gets back with blink-182. do not loose hope i know it doesnt look good at all right now just let them do their own thing for now.