I Finally Got My Time Machine To Work And Hung Out With Myself

I have been thinking about what it would be like to be my friend, to know me, or be related to me. I am so awesome sometimes I wish I could be friends with me, I am jealous of you because you can actually be friends with me.

If I had the chance to sit down and talk with myself I would ask myself questions that I know I’d lie about, so I can see what my face looks like when I lie. Some people are very obvious when they lie that they are lying. I do not try and make a habit out of lying but I want to know what my expressions are when I do. I would like to see other expressions on myself as well, what I look like when I’m annoyed or uncomfortable.

I would also like to see if myself talk, to see if I have any weird habits for example, talking with my mouth slanted, blinking too much, or biting my lips. These are all habits that a lot of people have, and that I notice about others. These are the kind of habits you cannot tell if you have them yourself, they are too subtle.

Seriously, I would love to hang out with myself. I would say “Hey Annette lets grab a cup of coffee” It would be grand, I’m sure that it’d be fun.


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