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Join Red

Product (Red) has become very popular this year. Why wouldnt it? The idea is perfect, buy clothes for yourself or as a gift for someone and %10 of the money goes towards people in need with AIDS.


Product (RED), founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to engage consumers and the private sector with its marketing prowess and funds in the fight against AIDS. Money raised from (RED) Products goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Tis The Season To Be Giving
Planning on buying all my friends and family clothes and things from product (RED) I went to Gap where they sell a lot of (RED) clothing. I was so dissappointed to see how much Gap is ripping people off for this charity. The shirts were so over priced I could not afford to buy one for everyone on my list. This was frusterating because, Gap is not taking %10 of the products cost and giving it. Instead they are charging an extra %10 for these (RED) products so they do not lose a single penny. As a consumer, you pay for the shirt you want and then give to charity. The shirt or whatever you buy from product (RED) is not going towards charity. To me, this defeats the purpose.

I Am Not Against (RED)
In fact I love the idea, I am just slightly bothered by its over priced products. I feel like its benefiting the wrong people, it should be benefiting the people with AIDS in Africa but instead its benefiting the Gap more than anything else. Apple supports (RED) products by selling a (RED) iPod nano, but the price for that nano did not go up what so ever, it is the same price as all the other nano’s its size.


This iPod Rocks



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Everyday Is The Same Thing

Everyone has a daily routine, a lot of us have similar routines. These routines usually look like this:

  • Wake up
  • Shower
  • Brush Teeth
  • Get Dressed
  • Fix Hair
  • Eat Breakfast

That is a pretty basic routine, give or take a few things. Noah has a different routine, I am sure he wakes up and showers, but he also takes a picture of himself every day making the same expression. He added all these pictures together from six years of this routine and made a video. Check it out

Noah is obviously very dedicated, personally I would forget a day or two. I wonder if he did because if he did, we wouldn’t even know.

The guys from Olde English, have made some very comical videos that I really enjoy. They made one similar to Noahs video:

Check out their other videos on youtube or on their website;


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Eating A Lego Sounds Fun Right Now

It is that time of year where almost every college student is stressing out over the awfully dreaded finals. I personally never got that stressed out in the past, but this year studying for finals is the absolute last thing in the world I want to be doing.

Things I’d Rather Do Than Finals

  • Swallow a Lego
  • Buy a really expensive pair of jeans and spill an entire bottle of kechup on the crotch
  • Listen to Dave Matthews
  • Try and fit my head into a sock
  • Throw myself into a pool of sumo wrestlers
  • Teach a monkey sign language
  • Read, compare, and contrast every single post ever written about Hilton, Lohan, and Spears showing off their (not so) goods to the general public
  • Wax my legs
  • Call every number in the phone book
  • Read the entire dictionary then eat it
  • Have honey in my socks
  • Clean my bathroom with my tongue
  • Play tag with an electric eel
  • Go to prom with carrot top
  • Sit on a bicycle with no seat
  • Have drum stick shoved up my nose
  • Blow up a fun house using only my mouth



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To me, winning a prize is one of the best things in the world. I love entering contests, I love it even more when I win (who wouldn’t)

Recently I entered a contest for a band called, “The Format”
The contest had me do various things to spread the word about the their newest EP. One of those things was creating a video of my dog listening to a song called “Dog Problems”

Needless to say, I WON!!
Well, I sorta won. I did not win the grand prize, but I did win the first prize (along with 35 other people) It is still exciting.

The prizes!

A Format Belt buckle (which I love!)


And a pair of floaties, yeah those things you wear you arms to help you stay afloat while in the water.

They are great.

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Travis Barker Might Be God Of The Drums

I was going to write about my experience at the +44 concert I went to, but I decided to discuss Travis Barker and his awesome-ness.

Below is a picture of Travis playing in +44, if you look closely you can see that he is smoking and playing at the same time

If you are somewhat unfamilar with Travis Barker (your life is deprived) all you really need to know is that he currently in the band +44 but is more well known for playing in Blink-182. He was also apart of the following bands:
-Boxcar Racer
-Suicide Machines
-The Aquabats
-Expensive Taste

It All Started When…
Travis was four years old his mother got him his first drum set and he was exposed to all different styles of music. In high school Travis was apart of Jazz and Marching Band.

People Fell In Love…
with his style and drumming. Travis has a way of making what he does look easy its almost as if drumming comes to him naturally.

Recently Poor Travis Broke His Arm…
But that did not stop him, not only does he play with one arm but he does with amazing style. He is the only person I know of that can play with one arm while head banging while smoking a cigarette, he does all of that and still sounds good. Wait no, not good, AMAZING

Check out this video of Travis playing with one arm

Note: New video will be posted of Travis once it is uploaded


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iPods, Freezers, And Sweaters

Today I had a frightening experience. I thought I broke my ipods, I own two, a 60gb black video ipod and a 1gb black nano.

If you were thinking about putting your ipod into a freezer, think again…
I did not put my ipod into a freezer but I might as well have, I left both of them in a car over night when it was about 10 degrees outside. It turns out that you are not suppose to let your ipod get that cold.


Baby It’s cold outside…
If it is cold, keep your ipod bundled up while in use. ipod batteries work best between 32F and 95F.  For storage the range extends from -4F to 113F (so if you were thinking about leaving your ipod in a room that is 115 degrees, that might be a bad idea)

Don’t forget about your poor sweet ipod in the cold (or hot) weather. Apple suggests to “keep ipod comfy”

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