iPods, Freezers, And Sweaters

Today I had a frightening experience. I thought I broke my ipods, I own two, a 60gb black video ipod and a 1gb black nano.

If you were thinking about putting your ipod into a freezer, think again…
I did not put my ipod into a freezer but I might as well have, I left both of them in a car over night when it was about 10 degrees outside. It turns out that you are not suppose to let your ipod get that cold.


Baby It’s cold outside…
If it is cold, keep your ipod bundled up while in use. ipod batteries work best between 32F and 95F.  For storage the range extends from -4F to 113F (so if you were thinking about leaving your ipod in a room that is 115 degrees, that might be a bad idea)

Don’t forget about your poor sweet ipod in the cold (or hot) weather. Apple suggests to “keep ipod comfy”


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