Travis Barker Might Be God Of The Drums

I was going to write about my experience at the +44 concert I went to, but I decided to discuss Travis Barker and his awesome-ness.

Below is a picture of Travis playing in +44, if you look closely you can see that he is smoking and playing at the same time

If you are somewhat unfamilar with Travis Barker (your life is deprived) all you really need to know is that he currently in the band +44 but is more well known for playing in Blink-182. He was also apart of the following bands:
-Boxcar Racer
-Suicide Machines
-The Aquabats
-Expensive Taste

It All Started When…
Travis was four years old his mother got him his first drum set and he was exposed to all different styles of music. In high school Travis was apart of Jazz and Marching Band.

People Fell In Love…
with his style and drumming. Travis has a way of making what he does look easy its almost as if drumming comes to him naturally.

Recently Poor Travis Broke His Arm…
But that did not stop him, not only does he play with one arm but he does with amazing style. He is the only person I know of that can play with one arm while head banging while smoking a cigarette, he does all of that and still sounds good. Wait no, not good, AMAZING

Check out this video of Travis playing with one arm

Note: New video will be posted of Travis once it is uploaded



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2 responses to “Travis Barker Might Be God Of The Drums

  1. is travis stealing tricks from Rick Allen of Def Leppard again?!?!?

  2. jajaja


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