Eating A Lego Sounds Fun Right Now

It is that time of year where almost every college student is stressing out over the awfully dreaded finals. I personally never got that stressed out in the past, but this year studying for finals is the absolute last thing in the world I want to be doing.

Things I’d Rather Do Than Finals

  • Swallow a Lego
  • Buy a really expensive pair of jeans and spill an entire bottle of kechup on the crotch
  • Listen to Dave Matthews
  • Try and fit my head into a sock
  • Throw myself into a pool of sumo wrestlers
  • Teach a monkey sign language
  • Read, compare, and contrast every single post ever written about Hilton, Lohan, and Spears showing off their (not so) goods to the general public
  • Wax my legs
  • Call every number in the phone book
  • Read the entire dictionary then eat it
  • Have honey in my socks
  • Clean my bathroom with my tongue
  • Play tag with an electric eel
  • Go to prom with carrot top
  • Sit on a bicycle with no seat
  • Have drum stick shoved up my nose
  • Blow up a fun house using only my mouth




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2 responses to “Eating A Lego Sounds Fun Right Now

  1. how about spooning with Fat Bastard?

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