Resolution Results

It is that time of year when gyms are jam packed with people that have never worked out before and fast food restaurants are empty, it’s New Years Resolution time.

The average person who makes a New Years Resolution such as working out, does not keep that resolution for an entire year. In most cases these resolutions do not even last a month. That is because New Years Resolutions are too drastic, if someone wants to make a change in their life, they need to make smaller resolutions, something a bit more realistic and reasonable. Because lets face it, saying you are going to stop eating junk food and work out every day for 365 days is a wee bit dramatic and it won’t happen.

Last year I myself made a ridiculous resolution. Honestly I did not think it would last longer than 3 months. I am happy to announce that not only did it last 3 months, it lasted 12 months.

I gave up something I loved to be healthy. I did not give up all junk food together, just pop. This was hard because when I went out the options for drinks was either pop or water, if I was lucky there was lemonade and tea.

I have not had pop in 366 days. I want to reward myself with a large ice cold cherry coke but since it has become such a habit for me to never have pop I cannot bring myself to break this amazing no pop streak I have been on for the past year.

This year I did not make a resolution, but there is a good chance I will go another year without having the even just the smallest sip of pop.

As for you and your resolution, GOOD LUCK!



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2 responses to “Resolution Results

  1. good job annette, im proud of you!!!…we can be tea buddies!!

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