Yo Adrian!

I just recently saw Rocky VI. I enjoyed it much more then I thought I would, it was a perfect way to end the long line of Rocky movies.

The casting for this movie could not have been more perfect.
Milo Ventimiglia played Rocky Balboa’s adult son, if I did not know any better I would think they were related.
I do not think they look that much alike but they both have a very unique mouth, both of these men have a crooked lower lip. This feature is very unique and I have yet to see it in another person, because of their similar mouths, casting Milo as Rocky’s son was absolutely perfect.
Rocky played such a good caring father that I really enjoyed because it reminded me of my dad in a lot of ways. This movie is worth seeing if you have not seen it already.

At the end of the credits Sylvester Stallone should have added, “I promise not to make another Rocky movie”
Six movies is enough, and like I said before Rocky VI was the best way to end the long line of Rocky movies.



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2 responses to “Yo Adrian!

  1. tammy

    I love this movie! It is a teary, sweet, sentimental one, but you still find yourself kind of at the edge of your seat with the action in the end. Stallone is handsome, and Milo…what a good choice! Gotta see this one, and buy the video!

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