Loud Websites Meet Their Biggest Nightmare

I am going to discuss with you my favorite application on my Mac right now: Detour

Have you ever been on your computer listening to music and you open up your internet browser and a loud obnoxious website disturbs your music listening?

This can be very frusterating, whether its music or an ad, it doesn’t matter what it is, most noises coming from websites are unwanted and unappreciated.

The application that can fix this problem is called Detour. It’s very simple, detour goes up in your menu bar and it allows you to choose different applications and their volume. For example, My detour has my internet browsers volume set at 0%. My ichat volume is also set at 0%.

Lets say I want to watch a video on youtube or something and my volume is at 0%. This is easy to fix because it is in my menu bar and I can just adjust it before the video starts playing.

It is a simple application that anyone can appreciate. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.


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