Starbucks Did It Again

The Way Starbucks Rips People Off Never Seizes To Amaze Me…
Their drinks are good for the most part, some of their employee’s on the other hand should never be allowed to touch a cup of coffee or handle a dollar bill. If someone is going to pay 4 dollars for a cup of coffee, that cup of coffee better be amazing, it better be worth every cent. If someone wants regular coffee it can be bought somewhere else for as little as 60 cents. Some Starbucks employee’s have yet to realize just how cheap people can get their coffee at other places, it should be a priority of the employee’s to make sure the customer gets what he or she is paying for.
Customers Do Not Get What They Pay For…
True story, I saw a women order a grande cup of coffee (aka medium cup of coffee) the barista made the mistake of making a tall (aka small) cup of coffee, instead of re-making the drink entirely the barista took the tall cup and placed it inside of the grande cup to make it look like it was bigger. That poor women paid for a grande and only got a tall. I am sure it tasted good, but the point is the woman obviously wanted more then just a tall cup of coffee.

Lets face it nobody wants a small cup of coffee because, drinking a small cup of coffee is like buying a calender for only one month, it’s great for a little while but you are just going to need to buy eleven more.

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  1. you lost. no cookie for you.

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