Two Guys, Two Laptops, One Couch, News Stories, And An Unknown Amount Of Beer

People need to take advantage of all the available free podcasts there are in the world, it is top notch entertainment, along with that it is possible to find a podcast about any topic. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are interested I guarantee you can find a podcast you will not only enjoy, but you will LOVE it.

My favorite podcast of all time is Diggnation, I have yet to find a podcast I enjoy more. Diggnation covers some of the top stories off the website Don’t worry, you do not need to read to watch and understand the podcast.

What Is Diggnation? What Is A Podcast?
This video has some really old clip of a very early episode of Diggnation, but it does a good job at explaining podcasts and what Diggnation is.

Diggnation is not for everyone, some people might find it too geeky but I highly recommend giving it a try. Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht have such a good time making this podcast, their topics are almost always interesting because they cover so many, not to mention they are hilarious… that combination makes the show very enjoyable.

Oh, did I mention that Podcasts are free?!? How can you go wrong with that!

I also love diggnation because I love nerds, and these two guys, on their couch, with their lap tops, drinking their beer and covering tech/news stories, are nerds. (Therefore, I love them)

This next clip from diggnation made me laugh out loud until I cried a little, take a look it’s hilarious:


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