Some Folks Just Look Awkward Using an iPod

Here are some tips for the ipod user who wishes to look more natural with their ipod, as if they were born with it.

Avoid Holding Your iPod During Use
Putting your ipod in your pocket is good, the new ipod shuffles make this easy because of the little clip it has so you can “wear” your ipod as an accessory (genius!) The only time you should be caught holding your ipod is if you happen to be switching songs during your walk. This brings me to my next tip…

Make A Playlist
No body likes that guy, the one that has his head down as he constantly searching for that perfect song to listen to. He has no idea but he is running in to things and making everyone around him have to dodge his presence. Avoid all this hassle by making a playlist of songs you want to hear before heading out, it makes life easier for you and everyone else walking around you.

iPods In Awkward Places
There are some places that just make the ipod look awkward. For example; your pants, your ipod should never come out of your pants unless it is a pocket. I know there are iboxers (for both men and women) that have an ipod pocket in them but it just looks awkward.
Are we in agreement?

Be careful where you clip them, They are good on pockets, belts, sides of jackets as long as they are not near your face. THEY ARE NOT GOOD ON SKIN. To avoid looking stupid, do not clip your shuffle to your lip, ear, finger, cheek, hair, or anywhere that is not clothing.

The Tangle
The headphones, those can get in the way sometimes. You know when you go to pull out your ipod and you are trying to be smooth but the cord is all tangled, then when you finally get your cord untangled it is all over the place making loops and curls. This is hard to avoid but not impossible, untangle your cord before you get up to make the walk with your ipod. You want to make sure you do this so you are not that guy that is running into people and walking in front of moving cars just because he is working on a really tough tangle.

Avoid Tangles While On The Go
You know when you are walking and a huge chunk of your cord is out in the open there is something wrong for two reasons;
1) Too much cord looks dumb, keep your cord tucked into the pocket your ipod is coming from.
2) If two much cord is visible the unacceptable is ound to happen, THE TANGLE.

Keep that cord out of sight and out of mind!

Bigger Is Not Always Better
Especially when it comes to headphones, Be sure you keep your giant headphones for at home use only. The guy with the giant headphones looks like he has no idea what is going on in the world around him this also makes him completely unapproachable. Giant headphones do not get a better sound than the smaller more realistic headphones, in the end they are just bulky and awkward.

Nobody wants to hear what you are listening to
Whatever you do, don’t be that ipod guy. You know the one that can’t seem to figure out the volume on his ipod, everyone in the room can hear his music blasting his poor little ears. I mean how loud does it have to be? It is never good music either, it is always the sound of someone dying while a chorus screams as they throw around instruments instead of playing them.

This might be a lot to take in…
But try your best so you can look completely natural and be considerate of what is going on around you. If you do not follow these instructions you might end up running into people, walls, moving cars, all while tripping on your cord.



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3 responses to “Some Folks Just Look Awkward Using an iPod

  1. Wow I didn’t realize you could look awkward with your iPod, I guess you’re right.

  2. I have a special iPod purse that I use.

  3. Greg,

    Yeah, it is sad I see it all the time.

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