I’m So Excited, I Just Can’t Hide It

This past week I had the pleasure of getting my first passport
Since I have never experienced leaving the country I was very excited about getting my passport.

I walked up to get my picture taken and could not stop smiling, all I could think about was “This is my ticket to go ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!” and this thought still brings a very large, dorky smile to my face.

As I stood there waiting for the women to take my picture she said,
“Ready, Don’t smile”

I had to restrain myself, I was literally holding my breath to stop myself from grinning ridiculously large. Apparently you are not allowed to smile in your passport photo anymore.

Grins Banned From Passport Pics

Still Smiling…
I suppose it is easier to recognize a neutral expression with the mouth closed and eyes open (opposed to squinted from a large smile) But for me, it will probably be easier for the folks at the airport to identify me as the woman in the passport picture if I was smiling, because I will continue to have a very large smile on my face while at the airport and probably the entire time I am out of the country. Simply because, I am excited to leave the country. I am excited to travel, and it is because of this that as soon as I get to the airport I will never stop smiling, no matter how hard I try.

On Top Of The No Smiling Rule…
There are a few other rules that apply to passport pictures, they all make perfect sense but it is a lot to think about while taking a picture. I am a little bit nervous that my picture did not follow every rule.
The Rules When It Comes To Passport Pictures


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