No, I will not eat the yellow candy

Lets play a game called Red Skittle
First I will explain to you how this game came to be.

Sometimes certain candies are only good in ONE flavor. The other flavors are just there to fill up the bag. Nobody wants them, yet we eat them anyways.

This might just be a matter of opinion but, the yellow Starburst are gross. I do not know of anyone who actually enjoys eating them. The red ones however, are incredible. In one package of Starburst you get three of each flavor. I would rather buy a pack of Starburst that only contained the red ones, maybe orange and pink but NOT yellow.

I feel the same way about Skittles, I buy a pack of Skittles for the red skittle. The rest are just there. The only problem with this is, I never know how many red skittles I am actually getting. I might get a bag with two red ones and I just wasted my money.

Now how do you play?
It is simple, you just buy 3 lbs. of skittles and separate them into two bags, all the reds go into one bag and the rest go in the other.

The end result is FABULOUS! You can eat all the good flavor without worrying about the yellow ones getting in your way.

I am a very lucky girl
I am lucky because I did not have to separate any Skittles, I just explained the game to my boyfriend and he surprised me with about a pound of red Skittles. Next time I am going to play red Starburst!


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One response to “No, I will not eat the yellow candy

  1. Sachi

    Just wanted to let you know that they started selling “Favereds” starburst, it’s a whole bag with just the red and pink starburst. Amazing. (i only like the red ones too)

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