My favorite people are all under the age of ten

There are a few things in this world that I do not understand, one of those things is people that don’t like kids. At all, people that cannot stand them. Kids are a lot like adults except with out all the crap. When a kid misbehaves you can say he is acting that way because he didn’t have a snack today or he missed his nap… when an adult misbehaves you just look at him and think what the hell is your problem?

Recently my aunts house flooded, so much that most of her things were ruined. She and her husband were forced to move out until their house could be repaired. They literally lost everything, a few things were saved (hot tub and drum set) but for the most part all of their stuff floated away. My aunt works at a elementary school when the kids found out about this disaster they started a fundraiser to collect money to help them repair their house.

These kids did not have to do anything but they did and most of the time kids cannot do that much to help but not these guys. They raised two thousand dollars and gave it to my aunt and uncle. Those kids were so happy and proud of themselves, my aunt and uncle were able to move back into their house with the help of those kids.


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