House Sitting part two

The dogs, Bosco and Arleigh

Good news!
The dogs have not chewed up anything for a few hours now, this is a huge break through considering I have to go shoe shopping to make up for their last chewing attack. Things have calmed down I think I am finally getting used to this playing house thing. The only problem is things are getting a little messy, not extremely it is not like the house needs to be condemned or anything. There are a few dishes in the sink, the floor needs to be vacuumed, and my stuff should be cleaned up (instead of lying all over the place)

My Thursday went as follows

6:30 -Dog wakes me up by licking my hand, I let both dogs out and go back to bed.
8:30 -Dog wakes me up again by barking in my face, I feed them, let them out and go back to bed
9:00 -Boyfriend calls to wake me up, I chat for a few minutes and tell him I need more sleep
10:00 -Alarm goes off, I don’t remember even setting one
12:00 -Ok so it is noon, I finally get myself out of bed. Drank a green machine smoothie, watched a little Step By Step (classic 80’s show) and read the news.
2:00 Worked out, the work out was good but I came to the realization that I cannot name the muscles in my body like I used to. Someone pointed to a muscle and asked me what it was called and I remember learning what that muscle and I could not named that muscle even if it meant winning a million dollars.
6:00 -Left the house and dogs in hopes that they behaved themselves for just a few hours so I could get myself some coffee and see the movie Music And Lyrics, which by the way is an adorable movie, I really liked it. I saw the movie in a tiny little old fashioned theatre which is nice because its only five dollars a person.

After the movie I headed back to the house to find that the dogs did not destroy anything or pee on anything. It was an excellent surprise. The rest of the evening consisted of a few random people coming by the house, they were pleasant though. They were pleasant because they brought slurpee’s and white cheddar popcorn which I enjoyed while watching the movie Curious George. After watching curious george I have decided that I want an animated monkey to follow me around, he is just so darn cute. How could you NOT like George? You can try to not like him but you will fail, I promise.


My Friday was a lot like my Thursday. Woke around the same time, let the dogs out, worked out, fed the dogs, etc. I left to house for a little bit to get a TMNT toy from McDonalds, the toy wasn’t as good as I expected. I came back to the house to find see that the dogs had been biting each other faces so much their entire head was literally covered in slobber. Gross. After I fed them I gave them each a small dog treat, which was soon thrown up and all over the carpet.

Saturday was quite an eventful day in the life of the house sitters.

First of all I had to wake up extremely early, not just to let the dogs out. I spent the morning/afternoon with my Dad. When I returned to the house all was well, I let the dogs out, back in, gave them treats and went on my merry way. I went out for a little bit which was pretty uneventful, I did eat the best lasagna I have ever eaten in my entire life. It was so good I wanted to jump up and shout. I returned to the house with a dear friend of mine (the same friend who leaped right into a pile of poop, she was very brave to return to the house) We walked in to see a book of mine torn to shreds and all over the carpet. The front and back cover of the book are gone, I am convinced the dog ate it. This dog has come to a whole new extreme, before he used to chew on things…now he is eating massive amounts of paper, something just isn’t right about that dog. The best part is over spring break my chemistry teacher gave the class a take home quiz, I stuck this quiz in the book that the dog decided was a meal. I thought for sure my quiz was gone and I knew there was no way my teacher would believe if I told her “A dog ate it” even though that is the honest to God truth. As I cleaned up the shreds of paper that were lying all over the floor I saw it, my quiz just sitting there in perfect condition, it wasn’t even crinkled!

Part of my destroyed textbook
Saturday evening was very stressful. It did not start out stressful but boy did it end up that way…

My dear friend and I spent a few hours enjoying the show “sex and the city” which is an excellent show but we couldn’t watch it all night long because after a while two boys came over. Boys don’t like the show “sex and the city” so we had to watch something else, which normally I would have minded but these boys just happen to win me over by bringing a lot of candy with them. I consumed more candy that night then on Halloween. We attempted to watch the movie “Saw II” But that didn’t last long because I was terrified and could not stand another minute of it. After a little guitar hero and the movie “She’s the one” I let the dogs out because they were barking at the door. At this time it was 1:30am and pitch black outside (besides the intense lightening, no rain, just lightening) I did not realize the dogs were barking at a bunny in the yard, when I let the dogs out one of them bolted towards the bunny disappearing into darkness. I freaked out… these people gave me one job the entire week and that was to take care of their dogs, how could I tell them that I LOST THEIR DOG!? I couldn’t, there was no way. I did not want to have to cut this family out of my life all together because I lost their dog, I started to run after the dog in the direction that I thought he went, too bad there was a lot of mud my poor socks really took a beating with that mud. Luckily, the dog came back and one of the boys got him. I had never felt more relieved in my life.

Eventually went to bed, after the dog jumped onto the bed with his muddy paws and got the sheets dirty, of course he only got the mud on my side. When we awoke, we continued eating candy and watching “sex and the city” which I enjoyed very much (probably just as much as I enjoyed the lasagna) The rest of the day was filled with washing dishes, and straightening up the house. Oh, and eating more candy.

THEN I GOT TO GO HOME! Which is where I am now, home sweet home! No more house sitting for me. No more chasing dogs down the street in the middle of the night with muddy socks on, no more cleaning poop and puke off a carpet, no more waking up to a dog licking my hands, no more spring break and no more candy! (wait the last two things were good things, I want more spring break and more candy)

There you have it, my house sitting adventures. Most people spend their spring break on a beach some where drinking cocktails and getting tan, but no… not me.


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