Mashed Potatoes, Egg Salad, and a Hungry Cat

Late last night my cat came up to me meowing her little head off, she had a lot to say. Too bad I don’t speak cat because I had no idea what she wanted. The cat proceeded to meow for quite some time, not just at me, but to the dog as well. Something was wrong I just wasn’t sure what it was. An hour passed and I happen to glance at her food bowl… it was empty. That’s what she wants! The poor little kitty was just hungry, as I picked up her container of food I gasped “It’s too light!” Opening the container I realized that she was completely out of cat food. I am a terrible pet owner because I have no idea how long she has been out of cat food. She was literally starving but I could not go get her food because like I said, it was very late. Sitting at my computer she continued to meow at me, her meows were getting louder and more annoying, as if she was yelling at me. I went into the fridge to find something, anything I could give her…I probably should have fed her tuna or turkey or something of that sort but instead I reached for the egg salad. She seemed thrilled with that idea she wagged her tail and purred profusely, I gave her a small piece and she ate it up instantly. Who knew cats like egg salad? I had mashed potatoes for dinner and left them out on the stove, so after I gave the cat egg salad I started to put away the potatoes, she looked at me with excitement. I had to give her some of the mashed potatoes she acted like she wanted them more than anything else in the world, and she did, she loved them.

I hope that I did not poison that poor kitty. Chocolate is like poison for dogs I wonder what is poison for cats…hopefully not mashed potatoes and egg salad.

I tried to feed her some cool whip (like I said I am a terrible pet owner) but she didn’t like the cool whip she took one lick and walked away disgusted.

Lesson learned from this experience: Cat’s do not like cool whip


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