My Future is in a Zip Lock Bag Stand

Airport Security Tip
Don’t make the same mistake that I made. Make sure you read security requirements before you leave your home for the airport because, believe it or not the wonderful people working in that department update and change the requirements quite often just to keep the public on their toes.

Many of you probably already know what I know now about the zip lock bags. If you have any liquids at all they must be in a zip lock bag. Of course I was stopped in the security line and asked to step aside so they could search through my bag for any form of liquid they could find, I didn’t care I was two hours early for my flight I had the time. I watched as a rather large man with gloves on searched through my bag pulling out everything that you would not want the entire world to see, tampons, lingerie, etc. It did not bother me that about 200 business men saw my underwear because lets face it, I am never going to see them again, and I was giggling at the fact they were all looking at my underwear without their shoes on, it was just a funny situation to be in.

…After the large man found all my liquid products he proceeded to tell me very rudely that I could not bring them on the plane, Hey man I had no idea there was a rule against liquids without a zip lock bag you don’t need to be nasty about it. I would have thrown the liquids away but unfortunately they were either very expensive (perfumes) or things that I needed (contact solution, extra contacts) sure there were things I could have easily replaced (hair spray, mascara) but either way I did not want to throw my stuff away. The large rude man told me that I could pay an extra 35 dollars to have them mailed to me, heck no. This large man did not know what to do with me, I just kept asking him to find me a zip lock bag and our problem would be solved. I mean you would think that since they require everyone to have one they would sell them for more then they are worth, people will buy them, I would have bought one at that moment. Ten dollar zip lock bag, or throw away all my stuff? I think the decision is a no brainer.

After the large man decided he did not want to deal with me anymore he called the manager to come deal with me, I was happy because maybe the manager would see that I was not trying to pull anything sneaky. While I was waiting for the guy in the charge there was a man next to me who already went through security, he took his zip lock bag, dumped all of his things out of it and slipped it into my hand discretely. The large rude man and manager came over to me just in time for the kind man in line to walk away. The large man just looked at me dumbfounded and said “Where did you get that bag?” I told him that I found it, he just look at me as if I had found his super top secret stash of zip lock bags. The manager looked at my things and said “She is fine, just let her go”

In the end I did not need a zip lock bag, please learn from my mistakes ALWAYS PUT YOUR LIQUIDS IN A ZIP LOCK BAG

The story gets better, at the end of my trip I was at a different airport trying to fly back home. This time I had all my liquids in a zip lock bag, this time I was prepared. I noticed this airport had zip lock bags there for anyone who forgot one, how nice of them! I went through the security line and I was almost out when I got stopped (seriously I must look like a threat, why do they always have to stop the innocent look little girl?) I was stopped because my zip lock bag was TOO BIG, not only do they require a zip lock bag, they require a certain size! Lucky for me, they had extra bags.

I think I want to open up a zip lock bag stand in the airport and sell those little bags for way more then they are worth, I think I’d make millions.


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