Goodbye Gilmore Girls

May 15th is going to be a very sad day for the addicted Gilmore Girl fans. Gilmore Girls aired for 7 seasons, and each season is known for its smart, witty, rapid fire dialog. The show is coming to an end, the girls are moving on with their lives and the show would have a hard time continuing at the rate it is going. Rory, does not live in Stars Hollow anymore and is off trying to start her own life, her mother still living in Stars Hollow. This season the show was focused on their separate lives, not their lives together. Going back and forth between this mother and daughter is hard to follow when their lives are so incredibly different now that Rory graduated from Yale.

All in all, the show had an incredible run and I will continue to re-watch previous seasons because they are fantastic and very well written. Even though the show is fantastic and well written, it had a hard time with ratings. The ratings started to dip this season dramatically. Personally, I think the reason for the low ratings is because nobody new is watching it. If you watched Gilmore girls from season 1 there is a good chance you have not missed an episode, but if you have never seen it there is no way you would start during season 7. It is one of those shows that needs to be followed, each episode carries on to the next along with the character development. The only fans Gilmore Girls had this season were old fans.
I am going to miss these girls. Be sure to catch the last episode May 15th


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