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Sell Out Boy

Fall Out Boy fans in general, have no taste in music. They tend to listen to nothing but FOB, maybe they’ve heard of The Academy is… Or Panic! At The Disco.

Being a +44 fan, I attended the Honda Civic Tour which Fall Out Boy was headlining. The crowd of 11 year old fans with their parents didn’t care about any other bands besides FOB. During +44 it was almost as though no one had even heard of them, when clearly Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have been around much longer than FOB. It didn’t bug me when the crowd didn’t seem to care about +44, because they are some what new. But then they played a Blink-182 song “The Rock Show” a farely popular Blink song, nobody moved, nobody sang, I have come to the conclusion that these fans were born yesterday. There was one very lucky fan near the front who probably went home and bought +44’s cd right away because at the end of their set Mark Hoppus just gave him a guitar. Just went over to edge of the stage and handed it to him. Lucky kid.

+44 has a new cover single which they didn’t play but everyone should listen to it, it has a fun and catchy tune. Check it out in itunes

FOB vs. +44
Sure Fall Out Boy is famous and +44 isn’t really famous for their stuff (yet) they are only known because they are two thirds of Blink-182. Fall Out Boy makes music to be famous, they don’t care about anything else. They went on stage with their morbid videos, fireworks, and gun shots to make a scene. +44 is a bunch of older guys who have already been famous and don’t care if they are right now, they are just there to have a good time and make some music. It’s not like they need the money or anything. Fall Out Boy never used to be sell outs, their old cds were good and their old shows were fun. I never had thoughts like, “Pete needs to trip and fall” Who is not the lead singer of the band, just the lead celebrity.



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