Sell Out Boy

Fall Out Boy fans in general, have no taste in music. They tend to listen to nothing but FOB, maybe they’ve heard of The Academy is… Or Panic! At The Disco.

Being a +44 fan, I attended the Honda Civic Tour which Fall Out Boy was headlining. The crowd of 11 year old fans with their parents didn’t care about any other bands besides FOB. During +44 it was almost as though no one had even heard of them, when clearly Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have been around much longer than FOB. It didn’t bug me when the crowd didn’t seem to care about +44, because they are some what new. But then they played a Blink-182 song “The Rock Show” a farely popular Blink song, nobody moved, nobody sang, I have come to the conclusion that these fans were born yesterday. There was one very lucky fan near the front who probably went home and bought +44’s cd right away because at the end of their set Mark Hoppus just gave him a guitar. Just went over to edge of the stage and handed it to him. Lucky kid.

+44 has a new cover single which they didn’t play but everyone should listen to it, it has a fun and catchy tune. Check it out in itunes

FOB vs. +44
Sure Fall Out Boy is famous and +44 isn’t really famous for their stuff (yet) they are only known because they are two thirds of Blink-182. Fall Out Boy makes music to be famous, they don’t care about anything else. They went on stage with their morbid videos, fireworks, and gun shots to make a scene. +44 is a bunch of older guys who have already been famous and don’t care if they are right now, they are just there to have a good time and make some music. It’s not like they need the money or anything. Fall Out Boy never used to be sell outs, their old cds were good and their old shows were fun. I never had thoughts like, “Pete needs to trip and fall” Who is not the lead singer of the band, just the lead celebrity.



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14 responses to “Sell Out Boy

  1. David

    u cant really expect too much blink fans at a fall out boy concert

  2. Don’t delete my comments.

    Are you scared people will laugh at you?

  3. No, I delete comments that are rude, immature, obnoxious, bitter, or from people who obviously didn’t read the entire post and just quickly assumed I am a moron because I have an opinion when it comes to the music I listen to. Your comments covered all of those categories.

  4. Kat

    *Waves* Thanks for generalising us FOB fans.

    Personally, I love both bands. I may be a bigger FOB fan, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like or respect +44. In fact, I love their songs and I think they’re really nice guys (well, they seem to be).

    I’m curious, why do you assume that FOB became a band just for the fame? They’re not the only band to make a scene during their shows. Many bands feel that having a big stage show is another way to make the audience enjoy the show, and I agree.

    Pete may be the lead celebrity, but that’s how the band like it. Patrick hates being in the spotlight, and Pete can’t sing, therefore, their current arrangement is for the best.

  5. i hate Phelps.

    ugh, thank god. i never thought id ever see someone else who agrees with me.
    i mean, i dont know who +44 is, and im not big on blink. Shit, you might even think I have no taste in music–but i definitely agree that fob is overrated. I mean, im one to say that all music is music, no matter how shitty i think it is–but a band made famous because everyone thinks the basist is hot? you dont need much talent if thats what it takes to be famous. To me its the same as the jonas brothers, or fuckin britney spears or something. A bunch of kids who go there to scream their damn heads off because of the people playing the music–not the music its self.

  6. I agree with what David said. “You can’t expect too many +44 fans at a FOB concert,” is a perfect way to put it. However, I do know who Blink 182 (also a couple of members went to form Boxcar Racer, but later dropped that too) and they are forerunners of modern punk music in general. Blink 182 has some kick ass songs (funny ones too). I also agree that FOB is probably intended for a younger audience. FOB is a good band in some people’s views (clearly due to their sales and whatnot) but there will always be people who disagree (me), it’s all about taste. At least we are not forced to listen to them, but personally I don’t like FOB. I listen to more hardcore shit than that. One last idea to be aware of is that all bands change. They write, sing, and perform for a reason. It’s a business. That is their job-to make money is the objective. FOB is a good band, I don’t listen to them.

  7. Laura

    That’s the problem with mainstream crap, and Fall Out Boy is a band that little 12-year-olds listen to if they’re not listening to Avril Lavigne.
    I honestly think if they got rid of Pete Wentz (like that’s ever gonna happen) the band would flop and nobody would care anymore.
    He’s the ugliest piece of crap I’ve ever seen anyway…

  8. Tiffany

    Yeah, that’s definitely generalizing. I’m a fall out boy fan, and I listen to many many MANY different genres, bands, whatever. I’m an orchestra kid and I love some classical music as well. It’s all amazing to me. While there may be a crowd of preteens at a fall out boy concert, you must realize that they came to enjoy fall out boy as well. Even if they don’t know who +44, who really cares? I wasn’t very excited for Paul Wall at the time. Even Cobra Starship, a band I like, wasn’t exciting to me. But when +44 played “Rock Show” I freaked out and I began to sing to it with all my friends. I don’t think I fit in your generalization at all.

  9. FOB are not sell outs there changing for the future. new crowds

  10. ethan

    i agree they r changin 4 the new crowd but b4 there songs were songs but now they try 2 hard 2 make songs that will get em’ money….. they used 2 hav character nd appeal but now they jst pushin out songs 2 b famous……

  11. brandiee

    fangirls some kids if they like a band enough thats all thell care or think about then of course theres teenies who love pete wentz just for his looks xD you cant realley blame them though hes adorable but i 100% disagree about fall out boy being sell outs their a good band i went to that same concert though and it wasnt all 11 year olds ide say the age group was a little older 14-20 and the croude went crazy when they played The rock show

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  13. I’m 15. Well as much as that generalization is true, i must first say that I used to be obsessed with FOB. I still am if I may speak the truth, but I’m desperately trying to get over them because they ARE sellouts. If you don’t believe me because you think they are gods or something (I’m completely unbiased, I never worshipped them) then just go to their myspace. They’re, like, forcing ppl to buy their shit. It’s disgusting. And that Greatest Hits album…wtf was that? They only came out with that to make money and they weren’t rly famous enough or well-liked enough, imo, to even come out with a Greates Hits album. They just ran out of musical ideas and decided to make two shitty songs (Alpha Dog and From Now On, We Are Enemies) and then put all their music video songs on one disc. Sellout move, right there. I’m kind of pissed with them about it because here’s a band that inspired me to write songs and play guitar, and then they came out with overrated garbage. They’ve lost their luster. They suck but I still love them for some odd reason. (and no, i DO NOT obsess over Pete). And my new favorite band is…well I still don’t have one yet, besides maybe what’s left of Panic at the Disco (Sorry, but I can’t STAND Blink-182), LoveHateHero (look them up, they’re good) and this real, real cool band called Family Force 5 (their first album was SICKK as hell!) So yeah, I may have “shitty” taste in music but at least i’m smart enough to know when something starts sucking and when a band sells out for real. Oh and FOB sucks live. Even though I would’ve killed someone just to touch the guitarist’s (Joe Trohman) hand, I was SO very disappointed my first FOB concert. The drummer (Andy Hurley) is the only real talented one…live, at least. I also think it’s horrible how those two guys never get any credit for the work they put into the albums. Fuck Pete, though his lyrics are quite good (or at least they used to be.) They’ve come out w/ some pretty weird shit lately and I’m actually not sad that they broke up. Though I wish I had found out about them sooner, and been a fan back when they were real boys who didn’t gaf makin’ real god-damn music. I’m almost sort of upset about how much money I gave them by buying all their albums and downloading some songs of their’s for my phone. I listened to them so much and their behavior disgusts me so, I have refused to even look at one of their song titles. I know that I’m only one person and that I won’t make a difference and that I can’t just UN-download all that shit, but seriously, I wish they DID care. About their fans, you know? They used to…back when I first became a fan in, like, 2006. I remember their myspace was simpler and had less self-centered ads…ah, but even those weren’t the days. I rly wish they hadn’t grown up and sold out and broken up all so fast. But they’re just a band, bands come and go and they’re just ppl, ppl I’ve never even met be4, so fuck it.

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