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This Isn’t Like An American Girl Doll

When I was a kid my favorite toy was my American Girl doll Molly. Once when Molly broke (her leg fell off) My Mom sent her away to Toy Hospital. Molly came back a few weeks later as good as new!

Right now I’d give anything for a toy hospital
Too bad it’s not an American Girl doll

My Nintendo DS Lite, one of my favorite things to play with in this world slipped out of my hands and onto a hard floor. It is almost broken in two pieces, just barely holding on like a loose tooth. I am afraid my wonderful DS might not make it out of this tragic accident alive… This is a very sad day for me. I loved my DS, I loved that it was small, white and bright. I am really going to miss it…

…Where is a toy hospital when you need one?


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Today something incredible happened…

After running this morning with my Nike + shoes I plugged my ipod into my computer to view my run on the Nike website. Once logged in a message popped up saying, Congratulations! You’ve just completed your 100th mile! I am thrilled because now I have this nifty Seal that says 100th mile on it. I am more excited to brag about this to my friends, so this is me bragging. Go me!


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The Ugliest Laptops I’ve Ever Seen

Laptops do not have to be pretty (although I must say that mine is downright beautiful) but laptops shouldn’t be ugly, who cares how nice the actually computer is if its ugly? You have to like to look at your computer, or at least be able to look at it without cringing at the sight of it. I have a few photos of what I believe are the ugliest laptops I have seen so far. I am sure there are uglier ones then these, I have yet to see them. This is in no way saying anything bad about the computer besides its appearance.

First up, Stickers
Why ruin a computer with a billion stickers that end up fading and tearing off? Gross.

Lets face it, bugs are ugly.

But it’s fuzzy!
Sure it’s soft, thats the only thing this computer has going for it.

Heavy Duty
You can drop it from a tall building, stand on it, throw it against a wall, and even drive over it with a truck, but who cares? Who is actually doing those things with their lap top anyways? This big and bulky piece of junk is probably my favorite lap top to hate for its appearance.

This laptops handle is larger then the computer itself. Pointless, if you want to carry your laptop around it should be placed in a bag.

Birds and odd purple flames shouldn’t be on a computer, it makes the computer look dumb.

It’s not a laptop, it’s not a desktop, it’s a toilet.
Just in case you can’t take 2 minutes out of your life to go to the bathroom, this toilet makes it easier to get shit done.


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Under The Sea

Snorkeling in the Caribbean

I spent ten days vacationing in the Caribbean. Day after day I would go snorkeling exploring the coral and bottom of the ocean for a shell or rock that I could pick up an d take home. It seemed like everything I touched was alive and I couldn’t pick it up. After a while I became scared of touching anything for fear it would attack me. Two wonderful boys were helping me search for my under water treasure that I had yet to find. One of these boys very optimistically said that he was going to find me a sand dollar. I just shook my head because sand dollars are very hard to find because they are usually found buried under the sand and would be very hard to see if just swimming over, most people when searching for sand dollars bring shovels. Even with a shovel it is difficult because the dollar matches the sand.

About 30 seconds after that boy stated he was going to find a sand dollar for me he yelled out, “I FOUND ONE!” Of course my reaction wasn’t very excited because I thought for sure he was lying. Then I looked down to where he was pointing and sure enough, there it was…

A grown up sand dollar, more commonly known as a Sea Biscuit. These are ever more rare then actual sand dollars because they usually break before they are able to get this size. I am very lucky to have found one in this condition.

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