The Ugliest Laptops I’ve Ever Seen

Laptops do not have to be pretty (although I must say that mine is downright beautiful) but laptops shouldn’t be ugly, who cares how nice the actually computer is if its ugly? You have to like to look at your computer, or at least be able to look at it without cringing at the sight of it. I have a few photos of what I believe are the ugliest laptops I have seen so far. I am sure there are uglier ones then these, I have yet to see them. This is in no way saying anything bad about the computer besides its appearance.

First up, Stickers
Why ruin a computer with a billion stickers that end up fading and tearing off? Gross.

Lets face it, bugs are ugly.

But it’s fuzzy!
Sure it’s soft, thats the only thing this computer has going for it.

Heavy Duty
You can drop it from a tall building, stand on it, throw it against a wall, and even drive over it with a truck, but who cares? Who is actually doing those things with their lap top anyways? This big and bulky piece of junk is probably my favorite lap top to hate for its appearance.

This laptops handle is larger then the computer itself. Pointless, if you want to carry your laptop around it should be placed in a bag.

Birds and odd purple flames shouldn’t be on a computer, it makes the computer look dumb.

It’s not a laptop, it’s not a desktop, it’s a toilet.
Just in case you can’t take 2 minutes out of your life to go to the bathroom, this toilet makes it easier to get shit done.


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2 responses to “The Ugliest Laptops I’ve Ever Seen

  1. hah! laptop? the last ones more like a craptop. wow…i said it.

  2. Yes! Finally someone points out that stickers ruin your laptop. I should also add that keyboard stickers make them ugly as well. Especially when they start peeling off. -shudders-

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