Super Secret Signal

While watching my favorite podcastDiggnation episode number 110, I noticed something that seemed a tad bit sneaky. This sneaky behavior was displayed by Alex Albrecht

Here’s how it went down…
Towards the end of the episode Kevin and Alex were discussing their trip to London. Kevin asked Alex if his girlfriend (Heather) would be traveling to London with them, Kevin then went on to say “Dude, smoking London chicks” Alex responded with, “Maybe I’ll convince her not to go” This seems like something a scumbag who doesn’t care about his girlfriend would say. Alex is not a scumbag, as soon as he said that he stared right into the camera and tugged his ear a few times. He tugged it in such a way that it seemed as though it was a signal to his girlfriend Heather as if to say ” I still love you, I am just going along with Kevin right now. Don’t worry”

Don’t believe me? Watch it!
Watch it, and tell me that does not look like a super secret ear tugging love signal for Heather.



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6 responses to “Super Secret Signal

  1. franklet

    agreed, thats exactly what i thought the second i saw it. kevin can be a little absent minded sometimes. ya, its part of his character, i’m sure he has it all together most of the time. and i’m pretty sure he’s in a serious relationship from the hints he’s given off and alex saying to him, “[you’ll probably be the first one to get married]”

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  3. Jason

    lol, he seemed a bit nervous, like when towards the end of the ear tugging he makes a nervous-sounding noise.

  4. Daimon

    It’s at 54:00 for those of you looking to jump to it.

  5. He’s such a good boy. Good for him.

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