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Use Me

Hello people of the world,

I am a trash can that sits in the park.
I serve only one purpose,
That is to hold trash.
I help make the world a beautiful place.
I make sure to hold your garbage safe and sound inside of me
I do not want you to not have to suffer the sight of it
I aim to please those who want to enjoy a walk in the park
by keeping all the trash off the ground and away from your feet.
I know sometimes it’s hard for you to walk all the way over to me
I realize I am often far away
I know sometimes you just don’t have time
It’s much easier for you to just throw your garbage on the ground
Please remember that trash does not clean up itself
And I certainly cannot walk around and collect the garbage from the ground
Sometimes I wish that I could
I love my job as a trash can
Please do me a favor
Let me do my job,
use me.

Yours Truly,


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Put A Little Music On

My newest accessory, it’s orange, and I love it.

This new little orange accessory allows me to wear 1GB of music on my sleeve, my lapel, my belt, or anywhere. It is a clip on ipod, genius.

As you may know the iPod Shuffle does not come in this color anymore. On of September 5th 2007, the iPod shuffle was introduced in 5 new colors. I myself, adore the color orange and did not yet own a shuffle, my reaction to the new colors was not a pleasent one. Luckily for me, I have a boyfriend who saw that the colors had changed. He decided that he needed to get me one before it was too late.


Isn’t it wonderful?

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Ping! Blong!

Watch this video

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

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