Hey There Big Guy!

Take a moment to look at these abnormally large animals.
This photo does not do the shark justice, this shark is a womping 844 pounds and 11 feet long. Caught by a few boys during a fishing contest in Floridia. The boys won the fishing competition and beat the record by 338 pounds.

That is one large Jellyfish.

The fish that swallowed Jonah.

This one is disgusting but it is incrediblely large, weighing at 990 lbs. that is over 300 lbs. heavier than the next largest squid.

He’s her lobster! Check out this comparison.

This one is my personal favorite. What in the world is that man feeding his rabbit? I had a bunny once as a very young girl, she was a very average sized bunny the amount of poop that came out of my bunny each and every day still amazes me. I cannot imagine cleaning up after this big guy.


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