Silly Old Bear


Pooh Bear stretched out a paw, and Rabbit pulled and
pulled and pulled….

“0w!” cried Pooh. “You’re hurting!”

“The fact is,” said Rabbit, “you’re stuck.”

“It all comes,” said Pooh crossly, “of not having front
doors big enough.”

Getting Stuck
While searching for a winnie the pooh costume, I came across one that happen to be on clearance. It also happen to be made for toddlers. Silly me thought I could fit into this tiny little costume. Being a small person I did not think this was an issue. Soon I found that being bigger than a toddler was definitely an issue.
I am still unsure how it was possible, but I was able to get this tiny little costume on. With my entire stomach showing, my face turning red as it tried to squeeze through a tiny little head hole, and my arms not able to lower to my sides, I decided I had to take the costume off.

That is much easier said than done, I pulled and tugged but no matter which way or how hard I pulled this tiny little costume was stuck. Scared I might have to cut this childs costume off of my body I decided to ask for help. My friend came to the rescue, I kneeled down as she tugged and pulled, smushing my entire face in the process. After some intense tugging the costume came off practically taking my head along with it.

Needless to say, I did not buy that costume.


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  1. You really attempted to put that thing on? Really?

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