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Thanks for the extra large panties.

The most awkward Christmas gift award goes to…
My boyfriends step mom.

She got me lingerie this holiday season.

Thats right. Lingerie. Ugly, expensive, lacy, hideous, huge, extra large, lingerie.

Not only does this woman feel that it is appropriate to give me lingerie, she also seems to think that I am the size of a small house. Apparently this woman sees me as an obese hooker. I should probably go on a diet and stop sleeping with everyone for money. I should make that my new years resolution. Maybe then she will not buy me such inappropriate gifts.

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Ariel’s Christmas Wish

A Gymnastics Coaches Blog

Ariel is 5 years old. She will say the most unexpected things at the most unexpected times. Each and every class that I have with her she tells me everything she did in the past week, all in one sentence. Completely unrelated topics all run into each other when Ariel talks. For example:

“Hello, I ate dinner cats are nice I want to go ride a horse with you yesterday I read the book goodnight moon all by myself my teacher likes the color green, what are you doing? stop doing that, you’re silly my calendar has a picture of a snowman on it right now”

If this child could hug me during our entire class she would. I am pretty sure that might be the only reason she comes to class. I don’t mind at all. Ariel also adds a “D” sound to words that do not have the letter “D” in them. Making it hard to understand her already difficult to understand sentences. During Christmas time she was telling me about how she went to see Santa Clause. I asked her what she wanted him to bring her this year and she responded with, “I asked Santa to kidnap you for me.” I am sure Santa gets some pretty strange requests. That particular request must have been one of the strangest.


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I Am My Own Worst Enemy

For some unjust reason it is perfectly acceptable to stand in front of a mirror and say how horrible you look, or the one thing about your appearance you’d give anything to change. It’s never ok to stand in front of a mirror with other people and say “I look awesome”
People are very good at bringing themselves down, no one else in the world is better at it. Nobody can hate someone as much as they can hate themselves.

…depressing right? What is even more depressing is that others see you as you portray yourself, how can you expect others to love you, or even like you, if you can’t stand who you are?

    You Need To Love You

Make Some Time For Yourself
Liking yourself is not always easy, hating for some reason comes naturally. It is not easy to go from hating yourself to being in love with yourself in the blink of an eye. It might take time, but that time is worth it. It might sound selfish but your life is about you, and all about you. Why not love you? It’s pretty much all you have.

Goodbye Hate
Hate is such a strong word that shouldn’t even be used, especially when talking about a person, and more importantly, it shouldn’t be used when talking about oneself. Get rid of that word all together, don’t use it. Nothing good can come of the “H” word.

The Freckle On My Cheek
You might think that you “H” word yourself. There has to be something, anything, at least one little thing you like, enjoy, or even LOVE about youself. One way to start loving yourself is to think of at least 3 things every day that you like about you. This could be anything. For example; I love the freckle on my cheek. It is perfectly out of place and all alone for I do not have any other freckles that I am aware of. I also love my lips, they are perfect to me and I would never change them.

Saying things like that to yourself every day helps boost your self esteem. It might feel weird at first but pretty soon you will convince yourself just how great you are. Other people can’t convince you, you have to figure it out on your own just how wonderful it is to be you.

Go stand in front of a mirror and list off everything you’d never change because you LOVE what you are.

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I am very upset right now…

This is why:

I got sick to my stomach after looking at this image.

So many things run through my mind as I look at what this awful person did to their once beautiful Macbook. There is no reason to do this unless the computer is planning on going hunting and doesn’t want to be seen. This has got to be the ugliest laptop I have ever seen, it should ashamed to have an apple on it.

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A Gymnastics Coaches Blog.
    Kate is 7 years old. When we first me she thought I was goofy, I could tell she thought she knew more about gymnastics than me. She constantly informed me about all the practice she’s had and the classes she had taken. Whenever I asked her to do a trick she would say “I know what that is because I learned it already, I’m good at it” She was good, not as good as she said she was. But good nonetheless. Kate is very small for her age but hates it when you tell her that, I called her munchkin once. I have never seen a seven year old with such a fierce glare. Kate and I get along really well now, she isn’t like most seven year olds. She does not like being silly, or goofing around. Instead I talk to her like I would talk to an adult, she responds in the same manner. She is probably more mature than most of my friends who are my age. Every once and a while I want to squeeze her and tell her how cute she is being when she acts like an adult but I know she would just say “Coach Annette, what are you doing” She hardly smiles, she is always very serious. She never cries either, or looks upset. She just might be the most calm and collected little person you’ll ever meet. One Monday I decided to take my overcrowded class to a gym located down the hall from the main gym. I announced it to the class and explained to them that they had to line up at the door so we could all walk down together. They did as they were told and I ran out to grab the keys to the other gym. Once we were down in the other room I counted my students. I was missing one. I recounted. I asked the girls if they knew who was missing, I honestly didn’t know at the time. They told me I was crazy, and that everyone was present. I didn’t believe them. They reassured me I miscounted before. I still didn’t believe them but I chose to ignore that feeling. I started to explain the activity I had planned for them when I noticed Kate standing in the doorway. I was right, I was missing someone. I walked over to her and noticed her bottom lip was quivering. She was trying so hard to hold in her tears. “You forgot me coach Annette.” My heart sank. All I could do was hug her. It was the first time she had ever hugged me back, she didn’t let go. I think she didn’t want me to see what she was crying into my shirt. I asked her if she had gotten scared and she nodded. I can’t believe what I put that child through. How could I have just left her? It’s amazing how kids can move on, after a few minutes Kate was fine. She was practicing her cartwheels like nothing was bothering her, thats because nothing was. I stood there watching her and she would smile at me. She was fine. I wasn’t, I was/am still upset about what I had done.                    

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Rosie The Pig

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Most little girls dream about having a puppy, pony, hamster, or a kitten as a pet. When I was a little girl all I wanted was a pig. Don’t ask me why, but pigs had a special place in my heart. The day I found out that people ate pigs was one of the saddest days of my life. I have not been able to enjoy a piece bacon since.

Unfortunately, my parents did not share my love for pigs and did not wish to own one as a family pet. (who could blame them) They compromised with me by giving me all kinds of stuffed animal pigs I cherished and adored them hoping one day to replace them with a real piglet. I remember my favorite toy pig, I named her “Rosie” and she slept with me in my bed every night.

Believe it or not, I am not the only person who has ever wanted a pig as a pet. George Clooney had a pet  pig for many years. Sadly his pig died after eating rat poisoning by mistake. There are many other families who purchase pigs as pets other Mr. Clooney.
George Clooney's Pet Pig Heads to Hog Heaven | George Clooney

If you were thinking about getting a pig as a pet and you live in New York, think again. It is now illegal to keep one as a pet, apparently they are a health hazard. Read about it here. Although I do not want a pet pig anymore I was a little sad when I read that article. I was sad because what if somewhere in New York there is a little girl that is just like I was when I was young, and wants nothing in the world but a  pet pig.

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Ride That Bus

This past weekend I got to experience what it’s like to spend long periods of time on a bus. Specifically the Megabus. During my travels on an overcrowded, slow moving, bumpy bus, I came to this realization: I do not like sharing my seat with anyone. Being a small person I cannot imagine what it is like to be any larger and have to sit right up next to a complete stranger for hours that seem to never end. I am not just talking about being semi-close to the person next to you. I am talking about being so close your legs are touching and you lack elbow room leaving you scared to move because if you do, you might accidentally knock out the person next to you who just happens to be sleeping with their mouth wide open. (Note: sleeping with the mouth wide open in an upright position results in loud snoring)

Never again do I wish to experience such a bus ride. To ensure it doesn’t happen again I have devised a plan, as soon as I step foot onto the bus I will take the closest seat to front as possible (no, not the drivers seat) I will sit behind that driver because nobody does that, people always walk toward the back then eventually sit down, sitting down right away is almost awkward. Once I am seated I will place something on the vacant seat next to me and stare at the ground. I have noticed that people tend to only take the seat that is located next to someone when the someone that is already sitting is giving them eye contact. If for some reason someone still sits next to me then my plan is flawed and I need to come up with a new one. Like, not showering for a week before riding a bus. I am pretty sure I will get the seat to myself and all the ones around me for that matter. Hopefully, I will not have to go to such extremes.

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