Ride That Bus

This past weekend I got to experience what it’s like to spend long periods of time on a bus. Specifically the Megabus. During my travels on an overcrowded, slow moving, bumpy bus, I came to this realization: I do not like sharing my seat with anyone. Being a small person I cannot imagine what it is like to be any larger and have to sit right up next to a complete stranger for hours that seem to never end. I am not just talking about being semi-close to the person next to you. I am talking about being so close your legs are touching and you lack elbow room leaving you scared to move because if you do, you might accidentally knock out the person next to you who just happens to be sleeping with their mouth wide open. (Note: sleeping with the mouth wide open in an upright position results in loud snoring)

Never again do I wish to experience such a bus ride. To ensure it doesn’t happen again I have devised a plan, as soon as I step foot onto the bus I will take the closest seat to front as possible (no, not the drivers seat) I will sit behind that driver because nobody does that, people always walk toward the back then eventually sit down, sitting down right away is almost awkward. Once I am seated I will place something on the vacant seat next to me and stare at the ground. I have noticed that people tend to only take the seat that is located next to someone when the someone that is already sitting is giving them eye contact. If for some reason someone still sits next to me then my plan is flawed and I need to come up with a new one. Like, not showering for a week before riding a bus. I am pretty sure I will get the seat to myself and all the ones around me for that matter. Hopefully, I will not have to go to such extremes.

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