Ariel’s Christmas Wish

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Ariel is 5 years old. She will say the most unexpected things at the most unexpected times. Each and every class that I have with her she tells me everything she did in the past week, all in one sentence. Completely unrelated topics all run into each other when Ariel talks. For example:

“Hello, I ate dinner cats are nice I want to go ride a horse with you yesterday I read the book goodnight moon all by myself my teacher likes the color green, what are you doing? stop doing that, you’re silly my calendar has a picture of a snowman on it right now”

If this child could hug me during our entire class she would. I am pretty sure that might be the only reason she comes to class. I don’t mind at all. Ariel also adds a “D” sound to words that do not have the letter “D” in them. Making it hard to understand her already difficult to understand sentences. During Christmas time she was telling me about how she went to see Santa Clause. I asked her what she wanted him to bring her this year and she responded with, “I asked Santa to kidnap you for me.” I am sure Santa gets some pretty strange requests. That particular request must have been one of the strangest.



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3 responses to “Ariel’s Christmas Wish

  1. FireDannyAinge

    She sounds like a happy kid. I for one think that is great.

  2. christina

    7 cool points! i like your blog. =]

    Ariel sounds a little like my sister. sometimes she is able to bring two completely unrelated topics together in some really strange way.

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