I Am My Own Worst Enemy

For some unjust reason it is perfectly acceptable to stand in front of a mirror and say how horrible you look, or the one thing about your appearance you’d give anything to change. It’s never ok to stand in front of a mirror with other people and say “I look awesome”
People are very good at bringing themselves down, no one else in the world is better at it. Nobody can hate someone as much as they can hate themselves.

…depressing right? What is even more depressing is that others see you as you portray yourself, how can you expect others to love you, or even like you, if you can’t stand who you are?

    You Need To Love You

Make Some Time For Yourself
Liking yourself is not always easy, hating for some reason comes naturally. It is not easy to go from hating yourself to being in love with yourself in the blink of an eye. It might take time, but that time is worth it. It might sound selfish but your life is about you, and all about you. Why not love you? It’s pretty much all you have.

Goodbye Hate
Hate is such a strong word that shouldn’t even be used, especially when talking about a person, and more importantly, it shouldn’t be used when talking about oneself. Get rid of that word all together, don’t use it. Nothing good can come of the “H” word.

The Freckle On My Cheek
You might think that you “H” word yourself. There has to be something, anything, at least one little thing you like, enjoy, or even LOVE about youself. One way to start loving yourself is to think of at least 3 things every day that you like about you. This could be anything. For example; I love the freckle on my cheek. It is perfectly out of place and all alone for I do not have any other freckles that I am aware of. I also love my lips, they are perfect to me and I would never change them.

Saying things like that to yourself every day helps boost your self esteem. It might feel weird at first but pretty soon you will convince yourself just how great you are. Other people can’t convince you, you have to figure it out on your own just how wonderful it is to be you.

Go stand in front of a mirror and list off everything you’d never change because you LOVE what you are.


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One response to “I Am My Own Worst Enemy

  1. rhosie

    this is a very nice post.. i truly agree, we never really extend our love toward others if we dont know how to love our oneself.Things might not that be easy but theres a process on it… We must have a seld esteem, without that we cant never be learned to find happiness inside our heart…

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