Thanks for the extra large panties.

The most awkward Christmas gift award goes to…
My boyfriends step mom.

She got me lingerie this holiday season.

Thats right. Lingerie. Ugly, expensive, lacy, hideous, huge, extra large, lingerie.

Not only does this woman feel that it is appropriate to give me lingerie, she also seems to think that I am the size of a small house. Apparently this woman sees me as an obese hooker. I should probably go on a diet and stop sleeping with everyone for money. I should make that my new years resolution. Maybe then she will not buy me such inappropriate gifts.

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3 responses to “Thanks for the extra large panties.

  1. Hmmm…looks like you are in for an interesting ride with this lady. Could be the stuff of a really good book (or blog!). Good luck!

  2. ro

    oh you are hilarious i can’t even take it…lets be friends and roommates

  3. elle

    annette, i’ve been trying to get you to follow that advice for a very long time now.

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