Nucking Futs

I have decided to give swearing the official kick and toss it out almost all together. My new rules for using curse word are as follows;

The F bomb-I am only allowed to use this bomb when talking about orange juice. More specifically, my love for fresh orange juice.

Witch with a B- I will only use this word when talking about a certain whiny person that I am acquainted with.

Hello without an O-
I am allowed to use this one, as long as I am talking about a place the Christian bible speaks of.

Dog Gammit- It’s out all together, I forbid myself to use such a phrase.

Beavers Home-
Look at that nice damn those beavers made. That might just be the only sentence you’ll be hearing me use the d word in.

Sh!t- Ah, my favorite. This one might be hard to get rid of. So I am allowing myself to use this word on a regular basis as long as I am talking about my bathroom. (The upstairs bathroom, not the downstairs bathroom)

This new task is going to be difficult for me. I am not sure how long it is going to last but it is worth a try. I don’t like the way I sound most of the time. I would like to broaden my vocabulary instead of using the same 6 words all the time. In no way does this mean I am against others using those words. I would just like to see myself use them less.

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