Crazy Hotels

Going on a trip is great. Going on an abnormal trip is even better.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to say they have stayed in a hotel completely made out of ice? I’d only stay for one night though, mostly because I would be afraid of catching a sickness. But the time spent in a hotel made of ice chandeliers, ice ceilings, ice floors, ice couches, ice everything! Would be an excellent excuse to wear adorable warm and layered outfit which I am quite found of. Sweaters, mittens, knit hats the whole thing. Oh and just think of all the hot winter beverages that go along with ice hotels.

Crazy Hotels

This place is a little odd. I’d go, but I am not sure it would be my favorite. I am not sure what there is to do.
Crazy Hotels

I am going to be blunt.I would not like to stay in a hotel that looked like a dog. I can’t explain why, but I would not like it. Not even a little.
Crazy Hotels

Ah, my favorite! It’s like swiss family Robinson/log cabin/Tarzan. Not only would I stay in this hotel, I’d love it. I guess that might just be my inner tree house loving child talking. But still, I’d stay there a night or two.
Crazy Hotels

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3 responses to “Crazy Hotels

  1. I have always wanted a tree fort. Many different rooms in different trees connected by swinging bridges. I used to day dream of this, and having awesome battles. We would have Super Soakers and Nerf guns and just battle it out. Of course my team would have the incredible tree fort while my brothers had the boring and strategically poor ground base. I would win every time. Oh and remind me to tell you about the pen and paper stick figure wars.

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  3. Tree House!! Here in the Philippines, i could only hear few of having a tree house. But as for me, it is something we could offer to our tourists. I love tree houses particularly with great design.

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