I Refuse To Play Jetman

One of the most depressing things to read online these days is Facebook requests.
When I see this on my homepage I get upset, stressed out, and I want to invent a button that will ignore all requests.

Facebook applications now are similar to what email forwards were back in the day, dumb. But for some unknown reason both Facebook applications and forwards became popular. Only god knows why.

  • No, I do not want to be bitten by a zombie. Nor do I wish to bite my friends.
  • I am sorry but I don’t want to be on your top friends and if you are sending me that application I wouldn’t put you on my top friends even if I had that particular app.
  • Why would you buy me a drink with Happy Hour when I can’t drink it? Now I’m thirsty and it’s your fault.
  • Chuck Norris is not that great and does not deserve an application.
  • Why would I add the Graffiti Application so some tool could draw a huge cock on my wall
  • I do not wish to know who thinks I am hot anonymously.

  • I don’t care which Disney princess I would be. I care even less about which Disney princess you might be.
  • If you lost your phone, I am sorry. I am not giving you and everyone else in your group my number.

  • I don’t want play Oregon trail with you.
  • Scrubs is a good show, but if I wanted to hear quotes. I’d just watch it.
  • I am not color blind. I am pretty sure a Facebook application doesn’t need to confirm it.
  • No, I will not play Jetman.
  • I am not planning on being a stripper there for I do not care what Facebook thinks my stripper name should be.
  • I do not being poked, slapped, spanked, kicked or punched. So no, I will not add the super poke application.
  • If I didn’t tell you. I am not interested in you. You don’t need the application to confirm that.
  • Why would I want an aquarium on my Facebook? I fail to see the point.
  • Virtual kissing with virtual mistletoe is lame.
  • You’re purple? Thats great. I don’t care.
  • Every time my mood changes don’t expect me to go on Facebook and update my feelings. There is a good chance if I add that application my mood will stay the same for months at a time which would not be true.
  • No, I do not accept your growing tree gift. And I will never send you a cactus.
  • Bumper stickers are ugly, they look bad on cars and even worse on Facebook.
  • Whats so special about the “super wall” I already have a wall. What more do I need?
  • “How Sexy Are You?” I am sexy. I will not add a Facebook application that just states the obvious.
  • I am sorry but there is no way that your Facebook page can be “green” If you want to save the planet go outside and pick up some trash.

  • If you are going to plan an event don’t invite every single person on your friends list. There is a good chance you haven’t talked to most of them since high school anyway. Only invite the friends you actually want to show up.
  • Why do I have to scroll down past 20 stupid applications to write on your wall?
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    4 responses to “I Refuse To Play Jetman

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Facebook has really gone downhill. This is part of the reason that I rarely go on anymore.

      The thing is that the applications originally had a practical use, especially if used in moderation. Now it has blown up to something ridiculous. A lot of Facebook pages are getting as bad as Myspace.

    2. Here is an update to my previous comment. I read over at Lifehacker.com that Facebook will be implementing a feature to have people’s applications be placed in a collapsable tab so you can hide it. This helps with my gripe about the ugliness. Doesn’t really do much for all of your random requests.

      [via lifehacker]

    3. Arv

      chuck norris is awesome and if you dont think so you need to watch more walker texas ranger

    4. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have no interest in all the randomness added to Facebook. What made it better than MySpace was that people actually had fairly clean and readable pages. Not so much now. It all gives me a headache.

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